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DPS Publishes Photo of Suspect

DPS Publishes Photo of Suspect

The Department of Public Safety warned campus to be on the lookout for a suspicious person who has attempted to enter multiple residence halls without identification. In an alert posted on its website Wednesday afternoon, DPS provided a photo of the suspect, who is described as a 5-foot-10 black male of[Read More…]

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Harbin Sweet Home: Building Dorm Pride

Bears, burglaries and fires, oh my! Besides the bears, the above statement turns out to be a pretty accurate summary of my experience so far in Harbin Hall. In the mere three weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve survived two fire-scares (made memorable by their early-morning timing) and have had close calls[Read More…]

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Harbin Hall Room Burglarized

A student’s dorm room in Harbin Hall was burglarized at 9:40 p.m. Thursday night, according to the Department of Public Safety. The victim returned to his room after using the restroom and found that his iPad, MacBook Pro and an undetermined amount of U.S. currency had been stolen, according to[Read More…]

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One October Morning

Once the epicenter of a clandestine drug lab that grabbed national attention, Room 926 in Harbin Hall sits empty this semester, its one-time residents and a campus visitor on three different paths after their Oct. 23 arrests. John Romano (COL ’14), who has returned to campus for the spring semester,[Read More…]

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DMT Suspects Will Serve Three-Year Probation

Former Georgetown student Charles Smith and former University of Richmond student John Perrone were convicted Friday for attempted and unlawful manufacture of the controlled substance Dimethyltryptamine, a D.C. code violation. They will be placed on probation for three years. Smith and Perrone were arrested on Oct. 23 on suspicion of[Read More…]

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DMT Lab Suspects Released After Hearing

Charles Smith (SFS ’14) and University of Richmond freshman John Perrone, who were arrested on Saturday after an alleged DMT lab was found in Smith’s Harbin Hall room, were released after a hearing in D.C.’s U.S. District Court Wednesday. Smith and Perrone’s lawyers waived their clients’ right to a preliminary[Read More…]

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First-Year Harbin Resident Arrested by MPD

First-year student Kelly Baltazar, a resident of Harbin Hall Room 229, was arrested Tuesday evening by the Metropolitan Police Department, according to university spokeswoman Julie Bataille. At her arraignment Wednesday, Baltazar pled not guilty and was released from custody. She will undergo drug testing and treatment and her next hearing[Read More…]

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Bonding in a Time of Anxiety

Every graduating class finds something to bond its members-a memory that dominates conversation at senior retreats and class reunions. Usually it happens toward junior or senior year, once everybody has established themselves. The two-month point of freshman year more or less marks the end of social fumbling and the beginning[Read More…]

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Two Drug Lab Suspects Face Charges; Romano Released

John Romano (COL ’14), resident of Harbin Hall Room 926 – the epicenter of Saturday’s drug lab bust – was released Monday and will not face charges, according to his lawyer. Romano’s roommate, Charles Smith (SFS ’14), and University of Richmond freshman John Perrone, are being held without bond and[Read More…]

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Olson Speaks in Aftermath of Drug Lab Find

In an interview with student press today, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson and university spokeswoman Julie Bataille addressed a number of lingering questions surrounding Saturday’s drug lab incident in Harbin Hall. When asked about the disciplinary status of John Romano (COL ’14) and Charles Smith (SFS ’14) –[Read More…]

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