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Fee Reform Passes; Backers Hail ‘Paradigm Shift’ for Student Groups

The Georgetown University Student Association’s reform of the Student Activities Fee and Endowment passed this morning after a three-day student body referendum, overhauling the amount and allocation of the charge for the first time since 2001. Under the new system, the $100 Student Activities Fee will see a gradual hike,[Read More…]

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Unnecessary Meddling Not the Solution

Georgetown University Student Association’s Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform makes a noble attempt at resolving the funding problem facing student groups, but goes way too far. No club on campus needs its budget tripled, and GUSA has no actionable plan for how the additional funds will be spent. Contrary[Read More…]

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Student Body Vote on Fee Overhaul Kicks Off

Polls for a referendum on Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform went live Monday evening, yielding 741 student votes at press time. For GUSA senators, a publicity drive to reach their magic number of 2,000 participants is in full swing.   The voting push comes as students face a measure[Read More…]

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Vote No on SAFE Reform

The two words can be found in large font and blue ink on signs plastered across campus today: “Vote Yes.” Faced with a referendum on Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform, students may take one of three routes: heed the command on the signs, opt out of the voting entirely,[Read More…]

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Opening Doors for Students

While the administration looks to expand the parameters of campus, students need to be more wary of the misuse of the space already available. The university currently inhibits students from taking full advantage of existing facilities that are designated for their use and enjoyment. The numerous locked rooms across campus[Read More…]

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Voter Apathy a Hurdle for Fee Referendum

A student body referendum on a possible shake-up to the Student Activities Fee – a $100 charge included in tuition dollars – is slated to take place Dec. 7 to Dec. 9 via an online ballot. Members of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, which officially set the terms of[Read More…]

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Power Player: Board of Directors Close Up

Students often complain about a lack of transparency in the administration, but one of the greatest powers behind decisions of the university is even more unknown. Behind all of the changes taking place on a daily basis, the board of directors is at the helm of the latest initiatives at[Read More…]

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Hariri Entry Push OKed

For those students not enrolled in the McDonough School of Business, late-night entry woes to the Hariri Building could soon be a thing of the past. The Georgetown University Student Association Senate signed off on a proposal that calls for a change in policy so students from Georgetown’s other schools[Read More…]

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GUSA Gives Leeway to Committtees for Small Spending

Georgetown University Student Association passed a bill Sunday to allocate a budget for small discretionary spending by its committees in order to avoid consulting the Finance and Appropriation Committee for small amounts of money. This bill will allocate $1,000 per year to the three committees besides Fin/App, with $250 each[Read More…]

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Play it SAFE

Georgetown University Student Association seems to have developed a penchant for drastic reform. After overhauling the club funding process last year, GUSA is looking to wrest complete control of the money raised through the annual Student Activities Fee. As it did with club funding reform last year, GUSA has identified[Read More…]

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