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The Year in Brief

The Year in Brief

July 2014 – DeGioia Becomes Longest-Serving President University President John J. DeGioia, the first layperson to occupy Georgetown’s presidency, surpassed his predecessors 13 years after he ascended to the office in July 2001. August 2014 – Alumni Donate to Thompson Athletic Center Men’s basketball greats Patrick Ewing (CAS ’85), Roy[Read More…]

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H*yas for Choice members tabling on 37th Street were relocated to Copley Lawn.

Students, University Clash Over Free Speech

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education listed Georgetown as one of the worst 10 colleges for free speech in the country in its rankings released in March. This appellation was but a step in a long-running discussion about free speech highlighted by frequent clashes between student activists and the[Read More…]

GU Fossil Free has orchestrated several rallies and protests to raise the profile of its divestment campaign.

BOD Committee Considers Divestment

The university’s board of directors established a working group on fossil fuel divestment this month, which will discuss divestment with members of GU Fossil Free and the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility over video chat in preparation for the board’s vote on CISR’s proposal in June. According to the[Read More…]

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Get Off the Stage

During World Bank president Jim Yong Kim’s speech at Gaston Hall on March 18, GU Fossil Free stormed the stage, presenting a banner that quoted Kim: “Corporate leaders should not wait to act until market signals are right & national investment policies are in place” and “Divest now GU Fossil[Read More…]

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Fossil Free Storms Stage At World Bank Event

Following World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim’s speech on tactics to address climate change at Gaston Hall on Wednesday, members of GU Fossil Free stormed the stage and asked Kim for his opinion on the divestment movement. During the transition from the speech to the question-and-answer session of Kim’s[Read More…]

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GU Fossil Free Storms Stage During World Bank President’s Speech

GU Fossil Free stormed the Gaston Hall stage today following a speech by World Bank Group President Dr. Jim Yong Kim on climate change. During the transition from Kim’s speech to a question-and-answer session, three members of GU Fossil Free walked onto the stage and unfurled a large banner. In[Read More…]

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Fossil Free Storms Directors’ Meeting

After representatives from GU Fossil Free met with five members of the university board of directors Wednesday night to discuss complete fossil fuel divestment, six members of the group attempted to walk into the full-body meeting of the board of directors Thursday afternoon, where they were denied entry by Georgetown[Read More…]

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Students Testify at EPA Hearing

In response to the proposed updates to national air quality standards, several Georgetown students from the College Democrats and GU Fossil Free in addition to university staff members testified at a hearing by the Environmental Protection Agency last week. Through the testimony, they hope to give a personal twist to[Read More…]

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The CISR vote was scheduled for Jan. 16, prompting a GU Fossil Free-led rally, but the results were not released until Monday night.

CISR Rejects Fossil Free Plan and Offers Alternative

The Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility voted against GU Fossil Free’s divestment proposal Monday night and instead recommended to the university’s board of directors a program of targeted divestment, strategic engagement and continuing assessment as an alternative course of action. The decision, which was originally scheduled to be released[Read More…]

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GU Fossil Free led a sparsely attended rally before the Jan. 16 vote.

CISR Yet to Release Decision

The Center for Investments and Social Responsibility has yet to release the results of their Jan. 16 vote on divestment, leading members of GU Fossil Free to release an open letter urging CISR to respond promptly. CISR Chair James Feinerman released a statement on the day of the scheduled vote[Read More…]

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