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The CDC granted $2 million to a multi-disciplinary team of Georgetown researchers to develop new HIV surveillance techniques.

CDC Grants $2 Million for HIV Research

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded a $2 million grant to Georgetown researchers to continue HIV surveillance and to develop a secure data-sharing tool for public health agencies across the country. The grant, which will provide funding for five years, will help researchers further develop the[Read More…]

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Georgetown Initiatives Receive $1 Million to Fund Research

Georgetown Initiatives Receive $1 Million to Fund Research

A $1 million grant for research on the social enterprise movement and women’s economic mobility was awarded by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the McDonough School of Business’ Global Social Enterprise Initiative in August. The grant is intended to[Read More…]

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A $1.7 million grant will fund a downtown day services center offering resources and social services to adults experiencing homelessness.

DC Mayor Approves Grant for Homeless Resource Center

A Downtown Day Services Center that offers essential resources and social services to adults experiencing homelessness is set to open on New York Avenue by Nov. 1. The construction of the center will be funded by a $1.7 million grant announced by Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) on Thursday as part[Read More…]

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Georgetown Offers Cybersecurity Scholarship

Georgetown started a cybersecurity scholarship program March 15 in which both graduate and undergraduate students will be able to receive tuition and stipend benefits in exchange for working in the public sector after graduation. The department of computer science helped secure a $5 million National Science Foundation grant to fund the[Read More…]

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Student Aids Haitian Orphans With Grant

The School of Foreign Service awarded Cole Horton (SFS ’18) an Improving the Human Condition grant to construct an agricultural plot at an orphanage in Haiti this summer. Each summer, the SFS allocates grants of up to $3,000 to students whose unpaid internships or research assistantships seek to improve the[Read More…]

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Harmonie Kobanghe (SFS ’15) spent 10 weeks travelling the globe this summer.

Senior Travels World on Circumnavigators Grant

Around the world in 70 days — this refrain describes Harmonie Kobanghe’s summer (SFS ’15) after winning the Raymond Dinsmore Fellowship from the Circumnavigators Foundation. Kobanghe was awarded with a $9,000 grant to explore an international issue in 10 weeks, travelling to Peru, Brazil, Italy, Tanzania, India, Bhutan and Nepal[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s Lombardi Cancer Center was renewed as the District’s only comprehensive cancer center, also winning a $11.25 million grant for clinical trials, equipment and personnel over five years.

Lombardi Renewed as Top DC Cancer Center

The National Cancer Institute renewed the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s status as Washington, D.C.’s only comprehensive cancer center — a title the center has held for 20 years — and awarded the center with a five-year $11.25 million Cancer Center Support Grant on Wednesday. “This grant and prestigious designation[Read More…]

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GUMC, NIH Abuzz With Potential Malaria Cure

GUMC, NIH Abuzz With Potential Malaria Cure

The National Institutes of Health awarded Paul Roepe, a professor of chemistry at Georgetown, a $4.75 million five-year grant to conduct research in combination therapy to combat drug-resistant strains of malaria on March 6. Principle investigator for the grant and co-founder of the Georgetown University Medical Center’s Center for Infectious[Read More…]

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GIRA Grant Opens Apps

GIRA Grant Opens Apps

To bolster education and empower students to enact changes in international affairs, the fourth annual Georgetown International Relations Association Global Generations Grant is accepting applications until March 15. GIRA, founded in 1969, maintains a working relationship with the International Relations Club on campus, and is an 501(c) nonprofit that aims[Read More…]

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GSEI Nabs $100K Gift From Donor

The Georgetown Global Social Enterprise Initiative at the McDonough School of Business received a $100,000 grant from the Case Foundation to support social impact investing, the initiative announced Tuesday. The Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) “aims to prepare current and future leaders to make responsible management decisions that create both[Read More…]

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