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OSIBAJO & BAH: Toward Authentic Reparations

OSIBAJO & BAH: Toward Authentic Reparations

In the last several months, Georgetown has created a new chapter of its history. It is one that will acknowledge the university’s history of slavery and the descendants of the slaves who were sold by the school. As admirable as this new campaign is, it is not without flaws. Over[Read More…]

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Junior forward Isaac Copeland averaged 11.1 points per game and 5.4 rebounds per game last season.

COMMENTARY: Poor Scheduling Frustrates Fans

As if Georgetown men’s basketball’s attendance numbers were not low enough — coming in at 8,879 per game last season, the second lowest figure since the 2005-06 season — the 2016-17 schedule will surely guarantee record lows. At first glance, the schedule seems incredibly rich in entertainment. Matchups against Maryland,[Read More…]

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On God, Beau Biden and a Hilltop Dining Hall

Going for food day in and day out at O’Donovan Hall, or Leo’s, students might never have stopped to think of its namesake: former University President Fr. Leo O’Donovan, S.J. With current University President John J. DeGioia having completed his 14th year as president, current students are far removed from[Read More…]

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Legacy Status Tips Admission Scales

Legacy Status Tips Admission Scales

Amid recent challenges to affirmative action in Texas, California and Michigan, the common practice of legacy preference, which advantages the children of alumni during the university admissions process, has also been called into question, prompting debate over its benefits and potential concerns. Georgetown’s admissions office does consider legacy preference: In[Read More…]

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Event Raises $5K in Aid to Syria

Event Raises $5K in Aid to Syria

With speakers, dancing and food, the NAS Arab Society aimed to bring the plight of Syrians affected by the nation’s civil war to Georgetown students Friday night. The event, titled “One Night for Syria,” took place inSellinger Lounge and raised $5,000 for the Syrian Sunrise Foundation. “Our goal was twofold,” NAS[Read More…]

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In College Admissions, Facebook Now a Factor

Admissions officers are checking Facebook pages and Google search results of potential applicants with higher frequency than ever previously reported. A Kaplan Test Prep survey released Oct. 4 found that 27 percent of admissions officers use Google and 26 percent use Facebook as a means of evaluating potential candidates for[Read More…]

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GU May Expand Downtown

The university is considering purchasing space in a 2.2-million-square-foot building that will be constructed adjacent to the Georgetown Law Center in downtown D.C. Property Group Partners, a D.C.-based development agency, unveiled plans for the building, to be called Capitol Crossing, at a press conference Monday night. The 7-acre development will be located alongside I-395 near[Read More…]

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University Signs Sustainability Pledge

President John J. DeGioia and other D.C. area university presidents signed on to Mayor Vincent Gray’s College and University Sustainability Pledge Wednesday. The pledge, a voluntary public agreement between the D.C. government and its institutions of higher education to support a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable District, was publicly[Read More…]

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Prying Open A Shut Door Policy

Transparency. It is a word that is emptily thrown around by university administrators and has been for years. Though we continually claim to be making strides toward openness at Georgetown, the results do not back up the claims. Either those in charge have a drastically different interpretation of the meaning[Read More…]

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