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Traditions Evolve as Campus Grows

The Georgetown student experience is one defined by tradition, from those with Jesuit foundations to Homecoming to sitting on John Carroll’s lap. “I think when you first step foot on campus, you think about the 50 things you have to do, like Rangila, eat a Five Guys burger, run to[Read More…]

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SCHAUER: Remembering the Blue and Gray

Dahlgren Quadrangle is my favorite place on campus for many reasons: the breathtaking space designed to look like a European monastery, the beautiful chapel completed in 1892, the bubbling fountain that gives us a favorite student tradition. But, the spot is my favorite place on tours for a different reason[Read More…]

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SCHAUER: Repaying the Place that Gives So Much

Welcome back to the work week, people. Halloween in and of itself could have kept us plenty busy, what with the need to find a costume, carve a pumpkin and practice covering our eyes every five seconds so as not to ever catch anything even remotely frightening while watching “The[Read More…]

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