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Blame Game: When Club Members Misbehave, Who Is Responsible?

A racist incident at nearby The George Washington University has spurred conversations on Georgetown University’s campus about how clubs should be accountable for their members’ behavior. Unlike universities such as GWU, where organizations can face repercussions for the misconduct of individual members, Georgetown’s policies under the Student Activities Commission generally preclude[Read More…]

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Georgetown Receives NIH Grant to Continue Working to Find Cure for HIV/AIDS

Georgetown is among 18 institutions awarded a $28 million grant from the National Institute of Health for the BELIEVE project, an effort led by researchers from The George Washington University to discover a cure for HIV/AIDS. With funding from the NIH’s Martin Delaney Collaboratory grant, researchers will develop a cell[Read More…]

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Norton to Hold Forum On Campus Assault

Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton (D-D.C.) will be hosting a panel of officials from various universities in Washington, D.C., to address the prevention of sexual assault on college campuses at American University on Thursday, April 23, but due to a time conflict with a similar Georgetown event, no university representatives will be[Read More…]

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Improv Festival Keeps Things Light

Improv Festival Keeps Things Light

“My sweet prince!” “Grapefruit!” “Auurrghhh!” “Cross-country skiing!” shouted members of the audience. These random and unrehearsed phrases were the foundation for the improv acts of students from SUNY-Binghamton, Columbia College and Georgetown this past Saturday. This followed Friday night’s routine, which featured groups from the University of Maryland, George Washington,[Read More…]

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Malala Fund Partners with GW

The George Washington University partnered with 2014 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai and Little, Brown and Company publishing house to release a free online companion to Yousafzai’s memoir Nov. 13, aiming to help educators integrate her teachings on women’s education into university classrooms. An initiative of GWU’s Global Women’s[Read More…]

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GU Ranked 7th for TFA Alumni

Teach For America put Georgetown University in the top 20 in the list of medium-sized universities contributing the most alumni to the program for the seventh year in a row. Georgetown ranked seventh with 27 alumni behind two D.C. area schools, Howard University and the George Washington University, which contributed[Read More…]

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Entry to the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art and Design, at 500 17th St. NW, will be free until the gallery closes for renovations Oct. 1. The Corcoran is merging with The George Washington University and the National Gallery of Art after plans were approved by a D.C. Superior Court judge in mid-August.

Corcoran Gallery Offers Temporary Free Admission

After the highly contested merger of the Corcoran Gallery of Art with both the The George Washington University and the National Gallery of Art was approved by a D.C. Superior Court judge, admission to the Corcoran will be free of charge for the first time in 145 years. Formerly the[Read More…]

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After Suicides, GWU Revisits Counseling

In the wake of three suicides at its Mount Vernon campus earlier this year, The George Washington University has rushed to add counseling resources at its satellite campus. At Georgetown’s other Washington, D.C. locations, counseling services already present at the Law Center and the School of Continuing Studies ensured no[Read More…]

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GWU Cited for ‘Need Blind’ Deceit

GWU Cited for ‘Need Blind’ Deceit

After news broke earlier this week that The George Washington University had misrepresented its admissions policy as need-blind, GWU responded that it is not able to cover all need because of its relatively small endowment of $1.375 billion. Despite Georgetown’s smaller endowment of $1.286 billion, university officials maintained that financial background never[Read More…]

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Biden Talks Asia Policy at GWU

Vice President Joe Biden described the benefits of increased U.S. engagement in Asia in an address at The George Washington University on Thursday afternoon. Biden cited three American goals in the region during his speech, which was sponsored by the Center for American Progress: stronger alliances, a new defense strategy[Read More…]

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