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Club Sports Denied Trainers

After months of advocating for an athletic training program for club sports, the Advisory Board for Club Sports requested $41,000 from GUSA, but was denied any funding at GUSA’s Feb. 24 budget summit for the 2014 fiscal year. The Georgetown University Student Association sent out a survey over winter break gauging interest in a trainer[Read More…]

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GUSA Funding Plateaus

The Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriations Committee released a draft budget Tuesday allocating $979,200 to on-campus student programs. Available funds shot up $19,200 from last year’s allocation due to the standard rate of inflation — a measure made possible through the Student Activities Fee and Endowment Reform referendum[Read More…]

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Student Activity Funding Decreases

The Student Activities Commission announced Monday that it would allocate $172,000 in funding for spring semester, fulfilling 66.9 percent of all funding requests. Though this figure is the highest amount of funding ever allocated by SAC, it represents the lowest percentage of requests ever fulfilled, resulting in reduced funding for[Read More…]

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Fostering a Culture of Generosity

To the Editor: I write in response to the editorial entitled “Right Idea, Wrong Donors” (The Hoya, A2, Feb. 23, 2012). This editorial not only misses the point of the university’s current capital campaign completely but also uses at least somewhat questionable claims about the university’s financial sensitivity to back up[Read More…]

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Right Idea, Wrong Donors

Think your last year as a student at Georgetown is the last time the university will ask you for money? Think again. Even families burdened by growing tuition bills and alums paying off student loans are asked to donate to the university. These solicitations — accompanied by a projected 3.5[Read More…]

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GU Spared as NIH Cuts Threaten Research

A reduced salary cap for university researchers who receive National Institute of Health grants is expected to dramatically affect research programs at universities nationwide, though it will likely have little impact on the Georgetown University Medical Center’s budget. The salary cap was reduced by $20,000 as part of the new[Read More…]

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SAFE Proposals Finalized

Members of the Georgetown University Student Association’s Finance and Appropriations Committee finalized a proposal Wednesday that allocates funds from the Student Activities Fee Endowment to the Social Innovation and Public Service Fund, Georgetown Energy and the New South Student Center renovation effort. The GUSA senate will vote on the document Sunday. If[Read More…]

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SAC Set to Review Reform Proposal

The Student Activities Commission will present a draft of a proposed new funding system to club leaders Wednesday night that features a more flexible allocation system. If the proposal is met with approval at the forum, commissioners said that they will implement the changes in time for next semester. In[Read More…]

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SAC Set to Overhaul Club Funding System

SAC Set to Overhaul Club Funding System

The Student Activities Commission will revamp its funding allocation system this semester after a system implemented last year drew criticism from student groups. The changes could be implemented as early as next semester if details of a new plan are ironed out by the beginning of November, commissioners announced at[Read More…]

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Blocked Again by Bureaucracy

Student group leaders sighed with relief when the Student Activities Commission announced Tuesday it has finally approved an amendment that allows groups to request money throughout the semester. But this victory is merely one battle in a long, drawn-out war between university bureaucracy and on-campus groups. When the changes are[Read More…]

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