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A Sanders Summer Sensation

A Sanders Summer Sensation

A few months back, it was a fiery senator from Massachusetts who drew the swelling crowds and impassioned devotees. Cries of, “run, Elizabeth, run!” bounced off of the walls of packed speech halls as Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) delivered statements annihilating the corrupt and wealthy while rooting for the downtrodden and[Read More…]

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SAC, A Resource and Student Ally

What is it like to be a member of the Student Activities Commission? In one word: frustrating. Too often, SAC is seen as an impediment — an extension of university bureaucracy — to student organizations. At its very core, however, SAC is first and foremost an ally and a resource[Read More…]

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Lobbying for Leo’s Workers

While some students may overlook the hustle and bustle that commonly occurs at O’Donovan Hall, it is important that members of the Georgetown community show solidarity with the workers of Leo’s in their fight to re-negotiate a contract with Aramark, Georgetown’s dining services contractor. Last week, the workers organized in[Read More…]

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SAC Needs Nothing More Than a Diet

To the editor: Patrick Musgrave, chair of SAC, recently wrote an article in which he proposed many steps to help get student groups more funding for their activities. The solution, however, is so much simpler than either he or anyone else seems to recognize. In one fell swoop, SAC could[Read More…]

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Funding Overhaul To Make Allocation Fair

In a few short weeks, the Student Activities Commission will consider budget submissions from over 105 student organizations, the largest number of groups that has ever been funded. For this current semester, SAC had $103,190 to allocate to all our groups. We received well over $200,000 in requests and had to[Read More…]

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Show Me the Money

Everyone knows — and complains — that campus is covered in construction. Along with these physical updates, the university has more quietly instituted changes to technology — most notably, updates to the HoyaLink Finance. Flawed implementation of these updates, run through the Georgetown Management System, has led to real consequencesfor[Read More…]

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OUTober, celebrating LGBTQ identity, will be one of several heritage months to receive $500 or more in  funding from the Office of the President for cultural programming this year.

GU Funds Heritage Months

Cultural and advocacy groups with official months designated in their honor will receive funding and support from the Office of the President for programming during that time of the year. Cultural groups will receive $500 in funding each year for their respective heritage months, with an additional $1,000 available for[Read More…]

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Resources, Funding Strengthen ROTC

Although a recent study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics found that public institutions outmatch their private counterparts when it comes to ROTC, Georgetown University’s own Army ROTC is thriving. The report, which is entitled “Services and Support Programs for Military Service Members and Veterans at Postsecondary Institutions,”[Read More…]

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Campus Sustainability Stifled by Red Tape

Though Georgetown may outperform its D.C. peer universities in academics, it lags far behind in campus sustainability initiatives. Looking at the progress that American University and The George Washington University have made recently, I can only hope Georgetown will match their dedication to sustainability. Given the various environmental student groups[Read More…]

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USAID Grants $19.8M to Reproductive Health Institute

The United States Agency for International Development recently awarded Georgetown’s Institute for Reproductive Health $19.8 million for a five-year research project. The project, Fertility Awareness for Community Transportation, aims to spread awareness in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia about reproductive health and family planning methods. According to a university press[Read More…]

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