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Pentagon Whistleblower Advocates the Merits of Leaks

Pentagon Whistleblower Advocates the Merits of Leaks

The leaking of classified information is in the national interest, according to Daniel Ellsberg, the former Pentagon employee responsible for leaking the Pentagon Papers, at a symposium discussing the leaks and their legacy Feb. 16 and 17. “More people ought to be revealing this secret information,” Ellsberg said. “The public[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Barring Invitees Stifles Speech

Although university administrators at the University of California, Berkeley, cancelled a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos last Wednesday following an eruption of violent protest on the campus, the right-wing provocateur found reason to be triumphant about the incident. In a CNN interview the next day, Yiannopoulos remarked, “I always prefer to[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Invite Milo to Campus

VIEWPOINT: Invite Milo to Campus

Self-described as “the most fabulous troll on the Internet,” Milo Yiannopoulos is eminently comfortable in his role as the left’s comically villainous bogeyman. Leveraging outrage for attention, Yiannopoulos has made a name for himself at the forefront of the culture wars, decrying the perceived evils of third-wave feminism, political correctness[Read More…]

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Annabelle Timsit

TIMSIT: Defend Our Right to All Speech

Tuesday night’s election left many speechless. Contrary to the initial optimism that accompanied early exit polls and a surge in early voting, Republican nominee Donald Trump, a man with no political experience and a record of corruption, racism, bigotry and misogyny, is now the President-elect of the United States and[Read More…]

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The non-profit publication 'Order & Liberty' was founded by Georgetown students and offers conservative commentary to inform debate on campuses around the nation.

‘Order & Liberty’ Comes to Georgetown

Last month, the founding of The Georgetown Review, Georgetown’s first-ever daily conservative publication, and the Georgetown University Right to Life chalking incident prompted campus-wide reflection on the quality, balance and freedom of speech at Georgetown. Amid these developments, Order & Liberty, an online publication founded last year by a Georgetown[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Maintain Effective Expression

In 1989, when Georgetown University first implemented its policy for free speech and expression, Rev. James Walsh, S.J., its creator, explained that at the very core of a university is the “untrammelled expression of ideas and information.” This dedication to a constructive exchange of ideas was not reflected in last[Read More…]

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TIMSIT: Changing Faces of Censorship

Clark Kerr, the late president of the University of California, Berkeley once said that a university “is not engaged in making ideas safe for students. It is engaged in making students safe for ideas.” While his words may resonate in today’s debate over free speech on college campuses, he originally[Read More…]

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Annabelle Timsit

TIMSIT: Curtailing Intellectual Freedom

Georgetown’s intellectual biodiversity is being challenged by what the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat calls the “rapid colonization of new cultural territory by an ascendant social liberalism.” Often, the instrument of this type of censorship is the much debated “trigger warning.” Recent data from a survey conducted by Gallup,[Read More…]

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Annabelle Timsit

Defending Honest Expression

A couple days ago, I attended the first class of my penultimate semester at Georgetown. During the introductory part of the class, and in front of several dozen of my peers, the professor stood up and read us a part of the University of Chicago’s statement on free speech, written[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Disruption Hinders Dialogue

On Sept. 12, it was announced that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas would potentially be meeting in Luxembourg to further negotiate a peace settlement. This is a potential step toward further diplomacy and peace between the two sides. However, within our own gates, the[Read More…]

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