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KUYUMJIAN: For Justice, Recognize Armenian Genocide

Since 1915, the Turkish government has denied that the forced relocation and slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians constitutes a genocide. Georgetown University has been part of the silence allowing the Armenian genocide to go largely unacknowledged. Moreover, the Turkish government has exported this denial abroad through lobbyists, bribes and geopolitical[Read More…]

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Matthew Kroenig is an Associate Professor and International Relations Field Chair in the department of government and School of Foreign Service. His distinguished academic career coupled by the success of his two siblings has made Kroenig’s story one of particular interest for students.

The Jet Set Life of Professor Kroenig

Matthew Kroenig’s dissertation book, “Exporting the Bomb,” is a typical academic publication, meant for political science scholars. But there’s an easily missed detail on the book’s back cover that would interest a much wider audience: next to Kroenig’s “about the author” photo are the words “courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld.” Last[Read More…]

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Italian Ambassador Talks U.S.-Italy Relationship

Italian Ambassador to the United States Claudio Bisogniero spoke about Italy’s foreign policy and its cultural influence on America in Riggs Library Thursday. According to Bisogniero, Italy’s foreign policy has been rooted in three basic pillars since the end of World War II: support for European integration, partnership with the United States and[Read More…]

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