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Heating Up a Cloudy Day

As per usual, the D.C. weather gods have given us two days of blissful summery ’70s last week only to plunge us back into the literal depths of rain-soaked sidewalks. Gross. I guess I should be used to the District’s weird weather variations after having survived Snowmaggedon and summer 2010,[Read More…]

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Vibrant Atmosphere Flies Ahead of the Pack

Vibrant Atmosphere Flies Ahead of the Pack

Named for French author of Le Petit Prince and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Cafe Saint-Ex was born of the owner’s “affection for Europe.” This same affection for European food and atmosphere inspired my visit to the U Street Corridor cafe. The outstandingly delicious food, upbeat yet warm atmosphere and accommodating[Read More…]

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Beverly Hills Chain Brings Latest Attack in Cupcake Wars

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Years Before Busboys and Poets

Years Before Busboys and Poets

A hidden D.C. treasure, promulgated predominantly through word of mouth, Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe has been serving D.C.’s literati and hipster communities as both a gathering place and a focal point of district culture since its opening in 1976. At the time, Kramerbooks was the first bookstore that doubled as[Read More…]

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The Quick Dish

Ending a relationship is always difficult. You may ask yourself: When should I call things off? How should I break up with my significant other? Maybe even, who will rebound first? But I bet the one question that you don’t put much thought into is: Where should I end it?[Read More…]

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Grab ‘n’ Go: Testing the Effects of Convenience

Grab ‘n’ Go was created for the sake of convenience. It is meant to help out the over-achieving, overly busy and overly exhausted college students that Georgetown seems to cultivate — a goal for which it has most certainly accomplished. Yet its implementation has also succeeded in adding some solid[Read More…]

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Affordable Indian, Even on M Street

One lesson I learned from eating at Taj of India was that appearances can be deceiving. Having run by the entrance, I was always a little skeptical about the quality of the food inside this dive eatery. With a small navy awning that covers the door and a shadowy atmosphere,[Read More…]

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MSB Case Study Cooks for a Cause

Georgetown may not have found its own Iron Chef, but it did foster a new generation of entrepreneurs Thursday with a culinary-themed competition held by the McDonough School of Business. Students from the MSB’s new first-year seminar, a semester-long program that introduces freshmen to creative entrepreneurship and social responsibility, were[Read More…]

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Campusfood Costs Business Owners Cash

In 1997, University of Pennsylvania student Michael Saunders grew frustrated with the inconvenience of ordering food over the phone. More than a decade later, he is now the president of Campusfood, a website that serves over 300 college campuses across the country – but local restaurants listed on the site[Read More…]

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Philly Pizza Loses Appeal, Closure Date Uncertain

Philly Pizza & Grill has officially lost a four month-long battle with D.C. authorities and Georgetown residents. Pending a published final order from the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment, the late-night haunt will be forced to shut its doors, saying goodbye to a loyal student clientele. On Tuesday, in a[Read More…]

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