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Campus Braces for Sequester

Without successful negotiations between President Obama and Congress today to prevent sequestration, spending cuts intended to save the government $85 billion will begin automatically as a result of the “fiscal cliff” deal reached in January. Congress failed to find a solution Thursday, and today’s meeting is not expected to produce[Read More…]

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Hard Knock Res Life

Taking a position as a resident assistant, like any job, is inevitably a cost-benefit decision. While being chosen to support and enrich undergraduates’ housing experience is an honor and privilege, it comes with its own set of sacrifices — whether it’s having to write up a friend or being on[Read More…]

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Foreign Students Face Limited Aid

The story of Alexis Garau (COL ’15) is like that of many undergraduates at Georgetown: Without the aid she receives from the university’s endowment and the federal government, she would not have been able to afford a Georgetown education. But Garau, an international student from Italy who was born in New York City[Read More…]

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Fiscal Cliff Threatens Student Aid

The impending “fiscal cliff” for the budget deficit, which would cause a combination of automatic federal tax increases and spending cuts early next year, could compromise the availability of federally funded financial aid programs to Georgetown students. Unless Congress can agree on a deficit-reduction deal before it adjourns Dec. 21,[Read More…]

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DC Offers College Scholarship To Local Low-Income Students

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray recently announced a new scholarship fund for graduates of D.C. high schools who come from low-income families and will be attending universities in the District. Gray set aside $1.59 million in the District’s fiscal year 2013 budget for the fund and has given $1.2 million to[Read More…]

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Georgetown Questions Online College Cost Tool

After the federal government unveiled an online cost comparison tool to help families manage the expenses of college education last week, the tool has drawn criticism from colleges for misrepresenting the amount of debt students are likely to incur. The Financial Aid Comparison Shopper, which was released as a beta[Read More…]

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Federal Student Aid May Increase

Federal Student Aid May Increase

President Obama called for the allocation of $165 billion to federal student aid in the proposed budget for fiscal year 2013 released Monday. According to Georgetown’s Associate Vice President for Federal Relations Scott Fleming, the number represents an $11.5 billion jump from fiscal year 2012. Education spending saw the largest[Read More…]

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Pell Grants Avoid Major Cuts

After several months of negotiations between Congress, the White House and the Department of Education, Pell Grant funding and other federal sources of financial aid have emerged from the budget process relatively unscathed. The negotiated continuing resolution allocates $23 billion to the program and maintains the maximum annual Pell Grant[Read More…]

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GSP: Funding the Future

Carlson Teboh (COL ’14) sits in the back of Saxbys, books piled high on the table. There is a hint of a Cameroonian accent in his voice, the remnants of the 13 years that Teboh spent in the West African country before his family immigrated to the United States. Unlike[Read More…]

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Tuition to Rise 2.9 Percent in Upcoming Year

Georgetown’s tuition will spike by 2.9 percent next year, the university announced in a press release Friday, after the Board of Directors approved the increase. The increase – which raises tuition from $39,768 to $40,920 for the 2011-12 academic year – nearly matches last year’s 3 percent tuition hike. Georgetown’s[Read More…]

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