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John Carroll Lynch on His Upcoming Film ‘Lucky,’ Plans for the Future

Of the many Hollywood actors who have turned to directorial roles over the course of their careers, few have had as celebrated an acting career as John Carroll Lynch. Lynch, best known for his acting roles in the films “Fargo,” “Shutter Island,” and “The Founder” and television show “American Horror[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Stronger’

★★★★☆ On April 15, 2013, the city of Boston changed forever. What began as a day of celebration, with all eyes on the Boston Marathon, quickly turned into anguish, as two homemade bombs detonated near the finish line. In the aftermath of the tragedy, symbols of strength emerged. One of[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’

★★★★☆ Comical, corny and chaotic, the second installment of the “Kingsman” franchise, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” uses the momentum from the first film to deliver a high-octane and extremely entertaining visual experience. Director Matthew Vaughn’s “Kingsman: The Secret Service” was a surprise hit with audiences following its release in 2015.[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘American Assassin’

★★★☆☆ American Assassin is an origin story, and it starts as such at the very beginning. Like many beginnings, it sets a happy scene: Mitch Rapp, played by Dylan O’Brien, romps on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain with his girlfriend — and soon after, fiancee — Katrina, played by Charlotte[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘It’

★★☆☆☆ In order for any horror movie to inspire anything beyond trivial fright, it must touch on the substance of real human experience. Through its scenes of terror, the film must tell a story with implications beyond flashy special effects and scare tactics. “It,” the newly released remake of the[Read More…]

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Movie: ‘Ingrid Goes West’

★★★★☆ We live in an age dominated by the internet. Yet despite the increasing focus on image and the power of social media to show off cultural capital, few films have explored the effects and dangers of these trends. First-time filmmaker Matt Spicer’s “Ingrid Goes West,” starring Aubrey Plaza and[Read More…]



A dystopian novel about a future that seems frighteningly within reach, Dave Eggers’s “The Circle” focuses on the pervasiveness of modern technology and its potential to overtake the fundamental ways in which our society functions. Although the novel is at times too verbose, its core premise is fascinating; Eggers’s thought-provoking[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Dunkirk’

★★★★★ Few films succeed in building such emotional depth as writer and director Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece, “Dunkirk.” The film achieves greatness not with high drama or special effects, but instead with its strong emphasis on the realities of war. Tensions run high from the opening of the film, as[Read More…]

Movie Review: ‘Baby Driver’

Movie Review: ‘Baby Driver’

★★☆☆☆ With a star-studded cast, featuring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, and the direction of Edgar Wright, the mastermind behind critically acclaimed comedies like “Shaun of the Dead,” “Baby Driver” has all the tools necessary for an incredible heist movie. With an electrifying soundtrack and flawlessly choreographed action[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘The Commune’

★★★☆☆ Danish Director Thomas Vinterberg’s 2016 film “The Commune,” based loosely on his childhood growing up in a Copenhagen living experiment, takes a fascinating look at the complex tangle of love and loss that occurs when many people live under one roof. The film, which originally premiered at the 2016[Read More…]

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