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Latest Twilight Flick Fails to Break Ground

“Hey you guys, I just saw a Twilight movie and hated it because I’m not a 12-year-old girl, and also because LOL, it’s Twilight and people hate it on the Internet or something! Ready for some hackneyed vampire jokes?” Nah, yo. First of all, I’ve declared an official moratorium on cheap one-liners about[Read More…]

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Drama Ascends to Greatness

The opening sequence of The Descendants, which reveals a woman’s face against the backdrop of a turquoise ocean, is one of the only scenes in the entire film without music — because music is replaced by the steady hum of a motorboat. The scene quickly segues to a series of images[Read More…]

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Comedy Thriller Reborn to Empty Theaters

Comedy Thriller Reborn to Empty Theaters

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. What could have been a family-friendly, action-packed adventure with a surprisingly star-studded cast falls short in Johnny English Reborn, yet another lackluster comedy to add to Rowan Atkinson’s growing list of similarly unimpressive feature films. Credits roll in a Bondian fashion, although they’re actually more similar to[Read More…]

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Moore Talks Student Activism

Moore Talks Student Activism

Activist and filmmaker Michael Moore, infamous for his irreverent take on popular controversies, tackled politics and student activism in Gaston Hall Friday. Despite discussing heavy issues such as the national debt and health care, Moore set a casual tone for the packed afternoon lecture with his own attire, sporting a[Read More…]

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Gosling Takes a Wild and Dangerous Ride

Opening with a suspenseful car chase, Drive may at first seem to be your typical fast-driving, muscle-car movie. But as soon as the opening credits roll (in a florid, hot pink font) to the tune of an ’80s-inspired electro-pop song, it becomes clear that the drama, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, is not your average[Read More…]

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Filmmaker Alums Shine Brightly

Filmmaker Alums Shine Brightly

You guys have a very on-the-fly-style of film making, and I think that gives what you create a lot of authenticity and it’s very intimate. How do you think that affects your end product? Why do you choose that as opposed to a more conventional technique? Mike Cahill: It allows[Read More…]

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Looking Through a New Lens

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In New Film, Gingrich Takes On Secularism

For Newt Gingrich, conversion happened naturally. “I feel like what happened was I became Catholic over time and then realized. It wasn’t like one morning I woke up and said, `You know, I think I’ll be Catholic,’ but rather the process surrounded me, absorbed me,” Gingrich said in an exclusive[Read More…]

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