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Movie Review: ‘Saint Laurent’

Movie Review: ‘Saint Laurent’

★★★★☆ In Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent,” to be released May 8, the formulaic biopic is decomposed and reconstructed to parallel the French designer’s innovative fashion. Time becomes meaningless as Yves Saint Laurent’s muses, business ventures and lovers are woven into a holistic view of his career. While YSL is applauded[Read More…]

Black Movements Dance Theatre used a variety of styles in their spring show.

In Varied Forms, Art Provokes Challenging Conversations

This past academic year, Georgetown students struggled with national issues such as race relations, as well as personal issues of mental health and safety. While much of this dialogue took place in classrooms, Gaston Hall and Red Square, students also explored these themes through art. The following pieces highlight three[Read More…]

Storytelling in Cinema

In a world where films that clock in at or around three hours tend to take straight, white men as their subjects (last year alone gave us “Boyhood” and “Mr. Turner,” to name two), it takes a certain chutzpah to make an epic-length movie about 15 years in the life[Read More…]

Movie Review: ‘The Lazarus Effect’

★★★☆☆ Young director David Gelb has taken a sharp turn from his popular documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” a heartwarming tale about an 85-year-old sushi chef and his son. As the newest film in a long line of resurrection horror movies, “The Lazarus Effect” is far different from Gelb’s earlier[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Beloved Sisters’

Movie Review: ‘Beloved Sisters’

★★★★☆ If your love is split between more than one person, can you ever really call it true love? This is the essential question invoked in German director Dominik Graf’s “Beloved Sisters.” The romance explores the private life of famous German poet, writer and dramatist Friedrich Schiller and his enduring[Read More…]

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Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne play Jane and Stephen Hawking in the new movie “The Theory of Everything.” Redmayne spoke in an interview of the couple’s complex relationship and how the two changed over time in response to Stephen’s growing illness and career.

Film Bursts With Life

With the rise of the controversial ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the university’s debated policies concerning disabled students, “The Theory of Everything” comes just in time to take part in these ongoing conversations. Based on his first wife Jane Hawking’s 2004 memoir, the movie chronicles the overlapping personal and professional[Read More…]

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Eddie Redmayne talked about his experience working on "The Theory of Everything" at the film's D.C. premiere Friday.

Delving Into Hawking’s Mind

On Friday, Nov. 14, the highly anticipated movie “The Theory of Everything,” depicting the early years of the renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, will be released in Washington, D.C. The film stars Eddie Redmayne — currently best know for his roles in “Les Miserables” and “Hick” — who takes on the[Read More…]

In the fast-paced action film “Nightcrawler,” Jake Gyllenhall gives a standout performance as an L.A. crime journalist, Louis Bloom.

Movie Review: ‘Nightcrawler’

★★★★☆ “Nightcrawler,” written and directed by Dan Gilroy, is a tense and scathing criticism of the unstoppable and emotionally detached coverage of violence in today’s media. The difficult lead role, Louis Bloom, is portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal and offers a perfect challenge for an actor at this point in his[Read More…]

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Behind the Scenes of an MSB Student’s Directorial Debut

Behind the Scenes of an MSB Student’s Directorial Debut

Brett Treacy (MSB ’15), an aspiring filmmaker, recently debuted his first short film, “Petals.” The film follows the story of a young woman who is wrought with guilt and who pursues redemption, taking with her a symbolic bouquet of yellow roses. The film examines death and loss, but it also[Read More…]

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Film Captures the Energy and Emotion of the Beat Generation

Film Captures the Energy and Emotion of the Beat Generation

5/5 stars Two desperate men arguing through prison bars. Kill Your Darlings imprinted in bold white letters over the characters. When the film opens, immediately you know you’re in for a tense and shocking drama, yet Kill Your Darlings is so much more. This biopic of the relationship between a young and naive Allen Ginsberg (David[Read More…]

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