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Broadening the National Discussion of Elliot Rodger

Broadening the National Discussion of Elliot Rodger

Although Elliot Rodger’s “revenge against humanity” has been discussed for weeks now, a recent article in Time has kept the memory fresh in my mind. The first sentence of Kate Pickert’s “A Murderous Spree” sums up her two-column briefing on the UCSB shooting: “It appeared that all involved had done[Read More…]

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Vague on Vogue

Vague on Vogue

For most people, Vogue magazine conjures up images of glossy, glamorous models in outlandish outfits slapped with tags like “couture” and “chic.” It does not typically bring up thoughts of Hillary Clinton, the stoic, intellectual, pant-suited, seeming-antithesis to the fashionable fluff of such a publication. However, the two are very[Read More…]

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A Full Dress

A Full Dress

“I am not an empty dress, I am not a rubber stamp and I am not a cheerleader. I am a strong Kentucky woman.” The rest of Alison Lundergan Grimes’ statement is drowned out by a swell of roaring admiration from the crowd. She delivers her victory speech with a[Read More…]

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A Word for Women in Leadership

I spent last summer in India, running a nonprofit teaching program I started. I lived with my grandparents, who helped me with on-the-ground logistics. After getting into a contentious argument with my grandfather about a decision I had to make, I overheard him telling my grandmother that I was too[Read More…]

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HEYMANN: My Bare Approach to Beauty

HEYMANN: My Bare Approach to Beauty

We all have some weird habits that range from fingernail biting to eating “victory” breakfasts on the morning of a big test. Pretty much everyone has something unique they like to do when no one’s watching. And what’s mine you ask? After I shower, I like to sit around naked[Read More…]

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HEYMANN: The New Standard for Dating

Three days ago, I was sitting in Sellinger contemplating the Arabic homework in front of me. After looking over my vocabulary list several times without success, I realized that I was not retaining a single word because of a case of split focus. While my eyes were on the page — seemingly[Read More…]

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Cancer’s Mental Strain

Critics, including a number of self-proclaimed feminists, have questioned the effectiveness and integrity of a recent Facebook campaign to raise consciousness about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign, which asks Facebook users to change their status to indicate where they like their purse by writing, “I like it on[Read More…]

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Finding Feminism in Fashion

Finding Feminism in Fashion

Who is The Man Repeller? Who is the woman behind the blog that five million people come to each day for fashion inspiration, dating advice or a mere chuckle? In her new book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls., successful blogger Leandra Medine comes out from behind the screen to reveal the real girl underneath those M.C.[Read More…]

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Feminist Films Give Us Girls Worth Fighting For

This midterm season, I found myself turning to the soundtrack from Mulan for some study inspiration. Listening to “Reflections” reminded me of how much I, at the tender age of 6, loved the movie when it was first released. But as I listened to “Honor to Us All” and bobbed[Read More…]

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Hitting the Spot: Not Just a Boy’s Club

I am a woman and I masturbate. Gasp! Shock! Awe! Yes. That’s correct. And guess what — if you’re reading this in a public place, the women around you do, too. Hey, chances are some of them are doing it right now. Jokes. That’s probably not true. That’d be outrageous.[Read More…]

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