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Shopping Redefined in the 21st Century

Through an all-glass storefront, the layout of Bonobos’ new “guideshop”, essentially a showroom for clothes, is sparse and simple — bare white walls, steel accents and a few wooden tables display select pieces of the modern men’s fashion line. The guideshop is unique among brick-and-mortar stores, as it directs customers[Read More…]

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Luxury Brand Settles In to Cady’s Alley

Luxury Brand Settles In to Cady’s Alley

Luxury retailer Ledbury will open a brick-and-mortar store in Georgetown late this spring in a 670-square-foot space in the central courtyard of Cady’s Alley. Founded by Oxford University graduates Paul Trible and Paul Watson in 2008, the luxury menswear brand, which is based in Richmond, Va., is best known for[Read More…]

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Partnership Empowers Women

  McDonough School of Business professor Catherine Tinsley and associate professor Edward Soule are preparing to return to Masoro, Rawanda to continue their research on a joint venture between Kate Spade & Company and the Rwanda-based Abahizi Dushyigikirane Ltd. Kate Spade & Company, one of fashion’s biggest brands, began developing[Read More…]

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A Hint of Japan’s Artistry on The Hilltop

On paper, Samu Boyne (SFS ’18) seems like your typical Georgetown student: He ismajoring in regional comparative studies and is originally from Dallas, Texas. However Boyne is an accomplished painter with a special interest in Japanese culture and the ability to make delicate artwork using coffee as paint. The Hoya[Read More…]


Fall Fashion Issue

  Behind the Scenes Looks for Less: Women   Looks for Less: Men     Have a reaction to this article? Write a letter to the editor.

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North by South founder Matthew Aronson (COL ’15) steps out of a helicopter wearing one of his company’s T-shirts with pockets made from necktie material. The startup now boasts more than 100 different designs.

Alum’s Startup Blends Formal and Casual Fashion

When online shoppers search for clothing, they are faced with seemingly endless options — a simple Amazon keyword search for the term “T-shirt” yields more than 8 million results. In this competitive market, Matthew Aronson (COL ’15) has founded the startup apparel brand North by South, offering T-shirts with chest[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Saint Laurent’

Movie Review: ‘Saint Laurent’

★★★★☆ In Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent,” to be released May 8, the formulaic biopic is decomposed and reconstructed to parallel the French designer’s innovative fashion. Time becomes meaningless as Yves Saint Laurent’s muses, business ventures and lovers are woven into a holistic view of his career. While YSL is applauded[Read More…]

Saudi fashion designer Alaa Balkhy discussed fashion in the Arab world in White-Gravenor Hall on Thursday.

Saudi Designer Talks Fashion

Saudi fashion blogger and designer Alaa Balkhy discussed fashion in the Arab world and her creation of the brand Fyunka at an event hosted by the Georgetown Arab Society in White-Gravenor Hall on Thursday. The event, co-sponsored by the Georgetown University Lecture Fund and the Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association,[Read More…]

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Finding Feminism in Fashion

Finding Feminism in Fashion

Who is The Man Repeller? Who is the woman behind the blog that five million people come to each day for fashion inspiration, dating advice or a mere chuckle? In her new book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls., successful blogger Leandra Medine comes out from behind the screen to reveal the real girl underneath those M.C.[Read More…]

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Turquoise Stripes and Wild Nights

With finals over and our Laufits no longer socially acceptable to wear in public, it’s time to update our summer wardrobe with this season’s fashions that we all ogled over on Pinterest instead of studying for exams or writing papers. Because a few months of warm weather and no school-related responsibilities are here, we[Read More…]

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