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Deep Silence Spurs Reflection

How does the whirlwind that is New Student Orientation at Georgetown conclude? Not with cries and cheers, nor with blaring horns. Rather, it concludes in a sustained hush, in great silence. Allow me to recount NSO’s final moments in McDonough Arena this past Tuesday night. The 1,600 new members of[Read More…]

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Jinwoo ChongThe Hoya

The Journey in Learning and Faith

I first left the Hilltop when I graduated in 1988. Leaving Georgetown a second time is even harder. Revisiting places made holy by our time together helps us to say goodbye. Join me then for one final walk around campus. We begin in the graveyard. Here lie Jesuits who first[Read More…]

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Courtyard of the Gentiles Reaches D.C.

Courtyard of the Gentiles Reaches D.C.

Born from the ideas of Vatican II, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture established the Courtyard of the Gentiles in 2010 to facilitate interaction between Catholics and non-Catholics on a variety of topics, including science and art. Having already held conferences across the world, the initiative has come to the[Read More…]

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UK Minister of Faith Calls for Religious Tolerance

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the United Kingdom’s first minister for faith, called for an international response to religious persecution at the Alumni House on Friday.   Tom Farr, director of the Religious Freedom Project at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, moderated the event.   During the hour-and-a-half-long[Read More…]

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GRAY: Transcending Age in Music and Faith

GRAY: Transcending Age in Music and Faith

In the flurry of excitement that has come to Georgetown this fall with the founding of the McCourt School of Public Policy and the arrival of a new mascot, I’d like to take this time to focus on two special events that may have flown under your radar. First, “The[Read More…]

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Event Merges Faith, Service

Event Merges Faith, Service

Over 400 people from more than 130 colleges convened in Gaston Hall on Monday and Tuesday for the president’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, held at Georgetown for the first time this year. The national conference’s large events were accompanied by breakout sessions and faculty and student panels. Senior[Read More…]

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Massacre Felt 23 Years Later

On a bright Saturday morning, I sat in the Rose Garden above Centro Monseñor Romero at the Jesuit Universidad Centroamericana in El Salvador. I looked at the roses, imagining what took place that dreadful morning of Nov. 16, 1989 in the upper part of the Jesuit residence at UCA and[Read More…]

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TISA: Faith, Sexuality in Harmony

TISA: Faith, Sexuality in Harmony

This column is the first time I acknowledge my sexuality in a public record. From here on out, alea iacta est — “the die is cast.” There can be no return, and I feel entirely at peace. Do not interpret the above to say I dedicate myself forevermore to the[Read More…]

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Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

It is 3:30 a.m., and Erva Khan (COL ’15) struggles out of bed to silence her alarm. In the murky darkness of predawn, Khan wraps a headscarf around her hair and stands facing east, preparing to begin her fajr, the dawn prayer. Khan is a devout Muslim and a board member of Georgetown’s Muslim Students[Read More…]

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