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Tread Warily, Ice Ahead

The arrival of March and impending start of spring break normally suggests that a changing of the seasons is in the air. However, fickle Mother Nature does not seem to agree. Yesterday’s snow day, in spite of the warm welcome with which it was met by students, highlights an important[Read More…]

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Hot Water Cut Off in Campus Residence Halls

On Sunday morning, the Office of Planning and Facilities Management cut off hot water from New South Hall, Village A, Copley Hall and Nevils with no warning in order to make an emergency repair. Typically, with a planned outage, the administration informs residents beforehand. In this case, the water outage[Read More…]

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Grandstand Wall Gets Makeover

Grandstand Wall Gets Makeover

Student volunteers painted a mural on MultiSport Facility on Thursday as part of an effort that Hoya Blue and the Office of Facilities is undertaking to make use of concrete walls around campus. The project was originally scheduled to be done Sunday but was delayed because there was a scheduling[Read More…]

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Facilities Solicit Planning Output

Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey has solicited student, faculty and staff input into Georgetown’s long-term strategic master planning through two surveys, MyCommute and MyCampus, both released April 2. “We need to be cognizant of how our clients use the facilities on campus, how they navigate, where they eat,” Morey said in explaining[Read More…]

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New Facilities VP to Begin in January

Robin Morey, superintendent of the Senate office buildings, will be the university’s new vice president for facilities and planning, Chief Operating Officer Chris Augostini announced Thursday. Morey, whose wife is a university associate vice president, will begin his term Jan. 7. His appointment follows a 13-year long stint as a senior executive with[Read More…]

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If It’s Broken, Please Fix It: Facilities Needs a Work Order

At Georgetown, the question isn’t how many people it takes to screw in a light bulb, but how many days it takes to get a light bulb screwed in. University Facilities and Student Housing is already stretched thin. An inefficient system, in which large problems are not properly prioritized over[Read More…]

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Facilities Needs to Be Cleaned Up

To the Editor: We all know that to get something done at Georgetown University, you need to deftly and skillfully navigate immense bureaucracy. From fixing a leaky sink to trying to getting your academic transcript, students must contend with a bureaucracy that would give the 19th-century British Empire a run[Read More…]

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Plumbing Problems All Clogged Up

Although the housing and facilities offices deliver with standards like twin extra-long beds, something as essential as reliable indoor plumbing shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Students in Reynolds and Copley halls, for example, have recently been living with intermittent hot water. While unexpected problems and the occasional cold[Read More…]

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High-Efficiency Laundry Comes to GU

As students head to wash their inaugural laundry loads this academic year, they will find brand-new high-efficiency Energy Star washing machines and dryers welcoming their dirty clothing. Installed this summer, the machines, located in every on-campus residence, are part of a university-wide effort to reduce the amount of water the[Read More…]

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New AD Reed Faces Same Old Challenges

It took nearly 11 months, during which Senior Vice President for Strategic Development Daniel Porterfield valiantly doubled up as interim athletic director, but Georgetown has finally found its man in Lee Reed. After getting burned by former Athletic Director Bernard Muir, who left for Delaware at first chance, Georgetown wanted[Read More…]

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