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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Club Culture Requires Direct Fixes

Last April, over a dozen club leaders came together for a meeting to resolve an issue that, as of late, has been a topic of much discussion: club culture. After serving as a member of the working group created from that meeting, I have come to see that the largest[Read More…]

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GOLDSTEIN: Solving the Club Culture Crisis

“Club culture” is one of Georgetown University’s most profound social crises — but it is also our most solvable. Our community has been denouncing club culture since at least 2013, when the student-made film “Sleep When You’re Dead” highlighted the central role of exclusive clubs in Georgetown’s social life and[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Give Greek Life a Bid

Each fall, the Division of Student Affairs sends out an eerily familiar email. Disseminated by Jeanne Lord, associate vice president and dean of students, and co-signed by Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson, this message annually reminds students that “Georgetown University does not support a social Greek system.” Per[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Inclusion Without Age Limits

As students navigated through the flyers, banners and sign-up sheets at the biannual Council of Advisory Boards Fair last Sunday, they were invited to sample the diverse range of student organizations at Georgetown. Yet for many the enthusiasm of CAB Fair fades to disappointment as they discover the acceptance rates[Read More…]

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Cost of Club Culture

Cost of Club Culture

No student’s confidence should be diminished because of a rejection letter from a club on campus. With the amount of hard work it takes just to be admitted to Georgetown, students can be so qualified for clubs that the difference between what it takes to make it and to be[Read More…]

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Greek Life, Targeted

Greek Life, Targeted

Georgetown University prides itself on its founding Jesuit values and has, therefore, historically made a concerted effort to distance itself from Greek life on campus, largely content to ignore its growing presence. Yet, recent measures taken by the university indicate a targeted, unfounded attack on social fraternities and sororities. At[Read More…]

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Corp Needs Competitors

There are close to 7,000 undergraduates at Georgetown, about 270 of whom are employees of Students of Georgetown, Inc. While we support our peers and hope that The Corp continues to thrive, it’s time the university allowed greater on-campus business competition in the interest of student consumers. We are not[Read More…]

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