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VIEWPOINT: The Environmental Flaws of New Leo’s

As The Hoya’s editorial board noted last week, this summer brought major renovations to O’Donovan Hall. The establishment is now divided between the lower-level Fresh Food Company, which offers unlimited portions,  and the upper-level LEO MKT, a collection of restaurant stations. As students bond over the questionable quality of campus[Read More…]

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Maracas uses all-natural ingredients to create Mexican-style ice pops now available to Georgetown students at a variety of local venues.

Maracas Shakes Up GU Desserts

Born and raised in Mexico, Julia Padierna-Peralta (SFS ’87) left home to attend Georgetown in the early 1980s. From there, she flew over an ocean to enroll in the London School of Economics and Political Science for her master’s degree and then back to the District where she studied for[Read More…]

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Reject Business Mindset to Avoid Crisis

The last few years have been disheartening for observers of business. Countrywide Financial sold bad products to ignorant consumers. A bloated banking system collapsed. Banks helped Greece manipulate its debt. Toyota knowingly covered up problems in quality at the expense of human safety and, consequently, its reputation. The U.S. Department[Read More…]

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