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SCRIMENTI: Acts of Mercy in Conservation

Earlier this month Pope Francis renewed a vision of environmental justice and mercy as the theme of this jubilee year, also named as the Year of Mercy in the Catholic tradition. The Pope recommended that caring for the environment be added to the seven traditional spiritual works of mercy. Caring[Read More…]

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Georgetown Signs Campus Climate Pledge

The university joined over 217 institutions in signing President Barack Obama’s American Campus Act on Climate pledge in support of the ongoing 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on Nov. 19. Other universities that signed the pledge include Brown University, Dartmouth College,[Read More…]

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Hold the Door Open

Hold the Door Open

Last Friday, hundreds of students donned their orange “I am” T-shirts for Coming Out Day in a celebration of gender and sexual identity. With Coming Out Day and a number of other events sponsored by GUPride and the LGBTQ Resource Center, OUTober serves to recognize both the triumphs and continued[Read More…]

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Georgetown scored first place out of universities in the D.C. region in the annual Car Free Day challenge on Sept. 22, in which 500 members of the community opted out of driving to campus.

GU Wins Car Free Challenge

With the participation of more than 500 members of the community, Georgetown won the Car Free Day College Campus Challenge, a competition between five universities in the Washington, D.C. region designed to encourage students, faculty and administrators to reduce their automobile use. In its seventh year, the Car Free Day[Read More…]

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O’Brien, Giordano Talk Environmental Encyclical

Around 30 students gathered at a roundtable discussion on faith and environmental sustainability led by Director of the Science, Technology and International Affairs Program Mark Giordano and Vice President for Mission and Ministry Rev. Kevin O’Brien, S.J., in McShain Lounge on Monday in light of the papal visit. The discussion,[Read More…]

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Polarized Protection

Polarized Protection

In the past month, President Obama has announced the designation of three new areas as national monuments, totaling over a million acres of newly protected land. This action adds to 16 national monuments he previously created under the Antiquities Act of 1906, including the largest reserve ever created, the Pacific[Read More…]

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Faculty Letter Backs Fossil Free

GU Fossil Free submitted an open letter signed by 97 faculty members calling for the university to divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies to the Office of the President on Wednesday. The letter, which was released on GU Fossil Free’s website, circulated among faculty last Wednesday after it[Read More…]

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Throwing Shade Is For the Trees

About a month ago, a poll reported that an “overwhelming majority” of Americans support government action to combat global warming. That being said, I have found that people generally take one of two positions on the environment, even if they support such legislation: “passion” or “indifference.” I am a member[Read More…]

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To Save the Earth, Save the Oceans

Few people are immune to the mesmerizing spell of the ocean. Its rhythmic ebbs and flows draw you in, and keep you enthralled with otherworldly landscapes. Coral reefs dot the seafloor like brushstrokes in impressionist paintings with millions of free-floating microorganisms building shells and limestone skeletons. The delicate ecological balance[Read More…]

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The Keystone XL Debate is About More Than a Pipeline

The Keystone XL Debate is About More Than a Pipeline

In 2011, climate change scientist and activist, James Hansen, published the report “Silence Is Deadly.” The paper contained an alarming message about a proposed pipeline, which would carry about 830,000 barrels of tar sands oil from Canada to Texas each day. Hansen wrote, “exploitation of tar sands would make it[Read More…]

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