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Album Review: ‘Humanz’

Album Review: ‘Humanz’

★★★☆☆ When the British virtual band Gorillaz began recording its fifth studio album, “Humanz,” in 2016, its creators, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, invited collaborators to join them in celebrating a “party at the end of world where [Donald] Trump has become president.” Albarn and Hewlett hoped that their album[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘Memories … Do Not Open’

★★★★☆ The Chainsmokers first earned its claim to fame in 2014 with the notorious hit single “#SELFIE.” Since the track’s viral release, the EDM duo has begun to produce a more radio-friendly sound, releasing a stream of popular summer anthems over the past year. The Chainsmokers’ first studio album, “Memories[Read More…]

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Concert Review: XXYYXX

Many old-school DJs lament the lack of skill and creativity of their newer counterparts. As technology has advanced, mixing and beat-matching has become easier than ever, meaning that the bar for entry into deejaying is low. This situation has created a glut of overhyped DJs who play pre-produced sets and[Read More…]

An Electronic Experience in Ibiza

An Electronic Experience in Ibiza

Two weeks ago in Tuned In, I described how Barcelona, like New York, is a city that never sleeps. Two weeks later, its music scene is just as vibrant as the city itself. However, I did not anticipate what I would experience last weekend in Ibiza. Although the music on[Read More…]

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Summer Music

Summer Music

Not sure where to start with your summer playlist? Have no fear. The next few months promise to bring a variety of new music from your favorite artists as well as a few need-to-know newbies. Rock Desire a contemporary spin on this classic genre? Check out these two groups who[Read More…]

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