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Graduate Students Establishes Election-Day Observation Program

Graduate Students Establishes Election-Day Observation Program

Observe D.C., a nonpartisan initiative started by McCourt School of Public Policy student Ben Mindes (GRD ’19), will pilot a “sample-based” election-day observation program to provide an independent analysis of voting efficiencies in Washington, D.C. Observe D.C. will send volunteer “observers” to 83 of the 143 polling locations throughout the[Read More…]

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CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: Germany’s Election Season Through American Eyes

CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: Germany’s Election Season Through American Eyes

Angela Merkel’s calm yet determined gaze followed me everywhere in Hamburg, Germany, last weekend. With the parliamentary elections having taken place Sept. 24, seemingly every available sign post and billboard is occupied by the face of a German politician pleading for votes. I accompanied my European Politics class on our[Read More…]

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BENNETT: Salò 2016, Or Sadists At the Poll

DVD STACKS, LAUINGER LIBRARY— I have been delaying a column on the election for some time now. I wanted to see who the real players were going to be. But now, following Trump’s March on Rome — no, Cleveland — it seems appropriate to address how a racist authoritarian demagogue[Read More…]

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Enushe & Chris for GUSA Executive

Khan, Fisk Win GUSA Executive Race

Enushe Khan (MSB ’17) and Chris Fisk (COL ’17) won the 2016 Georgetown University Student Association executive election Friday afternoon, the first election in GUSA history with only one official ticket on the ballot. The election results — which will be certified by the GUSA senate at 5 p.m. Sunday[Read More…]

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HOCHBERG: Candidate Policies, Analyzed

HOCHBERG: Candidate Policies, Analyzed

Sorting through and evaluating the 2016 presidential candidates’ overlapping array of qualities can feel almost comically daunting. However, American voters can simplify the process by focusing on the candidates’ self-professed goals rather than rhetoric. For simplicity’s sake, take a look at the economic policies and experience of the five Democratic[Read More…]

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Nineteen percent of the student body voted in this year’s GUSA senate elections, with higher participation in underclassman districts. Nineteen percent of the electorate placed a vote for at-large candidates.

Election Turnout Plummets

After an election season marked by low voter participation, 28 students, including three write-in candidates, were sworn into the Georgetown University Student Association senate Sunday. Nineteen percent of the undergraduate population, around 1,252 students, voted in the election, in which 46 students campaigned to serve as at-large senators and representatives[Read More…]

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GUSA Elections See Low Upperclassmen Participation

Forty-six students campaigned over the past week for one of the 28 Georgetown University Student Association Senate seats, for which three districts received no contenders. The results of yesterday’s election will be announced today. With seats divided into residence-based districts, this year’s election also included a new senate position for[Read More…]

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Mandatory Minimums – Making Twenty-Five to Life Be Done Twice

In 1994, and with an incredible 72 percent in favor, Californians passed Proposition 184. This proposition strengthened a habitual offenders law that provides higher sentences for those with two previous convictions, should they be charged and convicted with a third crime. Leading the charge was a man named Mike Reynolds[Read More…]

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GUSA Senate Elections Fill Six Seats

The Georgetown University Student Association held special Senate elections Friday to fill six vacancies that included two seats in Village A, two in Freshman South, one in LXR and one off-campus. According to election commissioner Graham Willard (SFS ’18), these vacancies are typical following the election of a new GUSA[Read More…]

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Q&A: Tezel and Jikaria Reflect on Their Year in Office

Q&A: Tezel and Jikaria Reflect on Their Year in Office

Georgetown University Student Association President Trevor Tezel (SFS ‘15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ‘15) will complete their year-long terms in office March 21. The Hoya sat down with the pair to discuss their accomplishments, challenges and hopes for the future. After a year in office, what has been[Read More…]

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