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A Worthwhile Alliance

Students often complain that the divide between extracurricular activities and academic curriculum is rarely bridged. Faculty members tend to play a relatively small role in undergraduate organizations, and it is difficult to apply certain extracurricular goals to the classroom. Student clubs and academic departments should work together more closely to[Read More…]

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Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Students who live off campus have had enough. Enough of Student Neighborhood Assistance Program intervention in the smallest of social gatherings. Enough of draconian responses to open trash can lids. Enough of arbitrary punishments often compounded by so-called “tone policing.” Although part of an off-campus community, students are not held[Read More…]

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Suspended State

The revolutionary call “no taxation without representation” reverberates across Washington, D.C., centuries after it was first issued on this continent. Passionate advocates, having led the charge for statehood through decades of debate, found new voice in the “Statehood or Else” campaign, spearheaded by D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange (D-At Large, LAW ’88)[Read More…]

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In Search of Mentors

In Search of Mentors

It is an oft-cited truism that the most valuable learning experiences happen outside the classroom. “Mentorship” — in particular or fostering relationships that can function as academic, professional and personal resources — has become somewhat of a buzzword at Georgetown. Although there are numerous ways for students to take advantage[Read More…]

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Engage Through Alumni

Georgetown students love to stay busy — so busy that as clubs and organizations with legitimate and worthwhile causes compete for students’ finite time, conventional means of outreach such as tabling, flyering and chalking Red Square may not be effective enough to spark and retain the interest of members and[Read More…]

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Costly Curves

As midterm grades roll in and students commence the push toward final examinations, it is not uncommon to see students from the different schools within Georgetown University engage in lively debates about grading curves. Several academic departments — from the government to economics departments in the College, as well as[Read More…]

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Access Affordability

Access Affordability

The Georgetown administration has historically demonstrated a strong commitment to creating a diverse student body. But doing so requires supporting low-income students through an extensive need-based scholarship and mentorship program, and recently, as reflected in the university’s drop to 88th from 46th in The New York Times’ ranking of colleges[Read More…]

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Facilitate Education

The School of Continuing Studies stands out among peer institutions with its professional program offerings that develop students’ skillsets and foster creative thinking. The new facilitation concentration — aimed at current facilitators, leadership coaches and human resource professionals — provides facilitation training to students through classroom instruction, reading and reflection[Read More…]

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Hoyas For Mental Health

The proposed anonymous undergraduate peer-to-peer support network, in conjunction with Counseling and Psychiatric Services, represents a promising step toward mental health reform that students and administrators should endorse. As the Georgetown University Student Association Executive Mental Health Committee continues talks with the administrators this week in the hope of launching[Read More…]

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At Crossroads, Exec Turns

At Crossroads, Exec Turns

Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16) are unconventional leaders. By running a campaign satirizing the whole process, they won the backing of students tired of a staid Georgetown University Student Association with the promise that the body could be something different. Thus, they assumed the roles of[Read More…]

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