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Love Thy Neighbor

While many Georgetown students were on the couch or on the beach enjoying spring break last week, the showdown between the university and the Georgetown neighborhood over the 2010 Campus Plan intensified. The Citizens Association of Georgetown – whose president is a Georgetown alumna – is challenging the university’s new[Read More…]

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March 19, 2010: Thumbs Down

**Heartbreaker:** The Georgetown men’s basketball team suffered a crushing defeat to Ohio in the first round of the NCAA tournament for a disappointing end to the season. *Thumbs Down* **Culture Clash:** A British couple was arrested in Dubai for kissing in public while at a restaurant. They could face up[Read More…]

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Implement Smoking Policy Precision

Smoke-filled rooms fit perfectly into old Hollywood classics, but they are out of place on the modern college campus. Students walking into Lauinger Library, however, often have to pass through a haze of smoke immediately outside, and inside, the library doors. Non-smoking students frequently walk through or by groups of[Read More…]

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Barry Cripples D.C. Council Credibility

Following years of suspect and uncouth behavior, former Washington mayor and Councilmember Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) has finally been rebuked by the D.C. Council. The council voted Tuesday, March 2, to censure Barry, as well as relieve him of his committee chairman duties. While those are the correct first steps[Read More…]

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Clean Cut: Election Marks Step Forward

Better late than never. After years of infamous Georgetown University Student Association campaign controversy, it seems almost odd that this year’s election went off without a hitch. With the exception of an alleged Facebook message tangle between Angert-Kluger and Wagner-Hampton supporters, the last two weeks were a relatively clean campaign[Read More…]

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Reproductive Rights Letter Stumbles Over Details

Although it has certainly made a splash in its campus debut, Plan A: Hoyas for Reproductive Justice has missed the mark with its first public initiative. In an open letter sent to University President John J. DeGioia on Feb. 5, the nascent student coalition mixed some longstanding points of contention[Read More…]

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February 26, 2010: Thumbs Up

**Cease and Resist:** Violating a Zoning Board ruling ordering immediate closure, Philly Pizza & Grill remains open for business and has shown no sign of shutting down. *Thumbs Up* **Super Spaniel:** A springer spaniel in Britain survived a 300 foot fall off of a cliff. The dog ran over the[Read More…]

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Spoiler Alert

Every two years the world is graced with a show of some of the greatest athletic talent in the world, and every two years the same complaint is repeated: How dare the network air tape-delayed coverage? NBC has again dropped the ball during the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. Granted,[Read More…]

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Establish Snow Day Policy

This February’s Syracuse-like winter weather inconvenienced students, faculty and staff alike. The university and its employees should be commended for staying ahead of the storm, keeping sidewalks clean and ensuring the continuation of basic services at O’Donovan Hall and Lauinger Library. Its decisions to cancel the Presidents Day holiday and[Read More…]

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Round Two: Angert-Kluger for GUSA

Who do you choose in a battle between experience and fresh thinking? This year’s Georgetown University Student Association presidential election pits achievement against untested but impressive enthusiasm. The ambitious goals put forth in the campaigns have upped the ante when it comes to improving student life. Each of the four[Read More…]

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