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Focus on Resident’s Life

For many on-campus residents, it often feels as though Big Brother is watching. As reported in The Hoya today, a number of residents are voicing complaints regarding overzealous resident assistants and disproportionate sanctions for minor infractions relating to alcohol and noise. To make matters worse, the student-run Residential Judicial Council[Read More…]

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Joining Forces

With the newly formed inter-school council for undergraduates, each of the four academic councils will be able to achieve more on a larger scale than the individual academic councils have been able to in the past. The newly christened inter-school academic council currently exists in an unofficial capacity and includes[Read More…]

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Play it SAFE

Georgetown University Student Association seems to have developed a penchant for drastic reform. After overhauling the club funding process last year, GUSA is looking to wrest complete control of the money raised through the annual Student Activities Fee. As it did with club funding reform last year, GUSA has identified[Read More…]

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Hovering Too Low

As Parents Weekend commences, it’s important to remember that as much as students may appreciate having involved parents (and as much as parents may love being involved), the incessant whirring of helicopter parents is not a pleasant sound – and it’s only getting louder. According to Kaplan Test Prep and[Read More…]

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A Smarter AlcoholEdu

AlcoholEdu may be a rite of passage for students, but it’s time to shake up the close to three-hour ordeal. Designed to provide alcohol safety education, AlcoholEdu perennially becomes a running joke among new students – even if the lessons conveyed are essential on a college campus. The university requires[Read More…]

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Tragedy Strikes

When Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge on Sept. 22, he took part of our hearts with him. Clementi’s suicide was precipitated by a gross invasion of privacy by his roommate and another friend. A live video stream of Clementi’s private sexual encounter with another[Read More…]

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Food Trucks Hit a Bump

Most students know by now the familiar jingle that means the Sweetflow Mobile has arrived. In recent years, a vibrant culture has cropped up around mobile eateries. Unfortunately, this emerging local industry may undergo some major changes this November. A referendum was recently proposed that would bring food trucks under[Read More…]

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Change the Channel

For college students eager to savor any opportunity to relax, access to quality cable TV is a perennial concern. The university has long offered a single cable option to students living in on-campus residence halls and apartments. Last year’s campus-wide switch to provider RCN, however, leaves us asking for more.[Read More…]

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American DREAM

Congress will kickstart debate this week on a bill that could open doors for thousands of U.S. students in search of something we know well: a college education. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act aims to remove some of the barriers blocking children of undocumented immigrants[Read More…]

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Clothing Made Right

Walking around campus, it’s easy to find students sporting their Georgetown spirit. T-shirts, sweatshirts and a whole array of branded products tell passersby that the Hilltop truly bleeds Hoya blue. But purchasing and wearing Georgetown apparel might do more than just radiate school pride; it might fight poverty, too. The[Read More…]

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