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The End of a Bittersweet Experience

Nearly two weeks ago, I’d come out of a horrible fever, and Scotland had changed entirely. With my head no longer throbbing, I headed down to the city center for some fresh air with two of my flat mates. Construction workers and tourists filled the streets as the sound of[Read More…]

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A City Haunted by its Past

I pass at least four dead men on my way to class every morning, the number varying by the route I take. If I take the long way, looping around Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, past the spires of St. Giles’ Cathedral, I glimpse the likes of Adam Smith and David Hume,[Read More…]

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European Art Delights

Halfway through the second act, amid the browbeating and emotional turmoil that comes with this kind of existential crisis, my gaze shifted to the ceiling. Hidden high above the stage lights, far from the absurdist nihilism playing out down below, were the soaring vaults and arches of the neo-Gothic cathedral.[Read More…]

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Power of Poetry Unites

She said “I loved you like my favorite armchair” and the room fell silent. Her voice grew louder and louder and her pace quicker and quicker as if the words were burning inside her and she needed to spit them out. The room temperature was coming to a boil. There[Read More…]

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A Semester of Arts and Ingenuity in Edinburgh

While writing this column, I’m currently sitting at the epicenter of an explosion of clothes in my childhood bedroom. The collage of photographs, magazine cut-outs and concert tickets plastering my walls, in combination with the overflowing pile of ancient travel books and European pocket change on my desk, only adds[Read More…]

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