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Class of 2022 Early Action Applications Hit Record High

This year’s early action applicant pool was Georgetown’s largest ever, leading to an early action acceptance rate of 12 percent — a near-historic low — for the second consecutive year. Georgetown admitted 1,002 of 8,383 early applicants to the Class of 2022, according to records provided by Dean of Undergraduate[Read More…]

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Class of 2020 Early Admissions Rate Remains Consistent

Georgetown accepted 13 percent of its early action applicants to the Class of 2020 this past week, an acceptance rate consistent with that of the last several years. The university mailed acceptance letters to 892 of a record-high 7,027 applicants Friday, marking an early action acceptance rate equal to the[Read More…]

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The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, housed in White-Gravenor Hall, accepted 13 percent of early applications for the Class of 2019

Early Admissions Rate Falls Slightly to 13%

Georgetown University welcomed 13 percent of its early action applicants, a slightly smaller proportion than last year, into the Class of 2019 this past week. The university sent out acceptance letters on Friday to 907 of the 6,840 applications, down from the 14 percent early action acceptance rate for the Class of[Read More…]

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Early Applications See Demographic Shift

Early applicants to Georgetown’s Class of 2019 changed demographically along with national trends, while the competitiveness of the applicant pool increased and the breakdown of applications between undergraduate schools stayed stable. Early action applications, which are non-binding, were due Nov. 1. This first round of applications precedes regular decision applications,[Read More…]

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Early Applicants Steady

Georgetown’s number of early admissions applicants for the Class of 2019 remained steady this year, continuing the trend of little to no change in the early applicant pool over the past four years. As of Saturday morning, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions had received 6,624 applications for the Nov. 1[Read More…]

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From Heartland to Hilltop

It is no surprise that Georgetown admits and enrolls more students from certain schools than others. In an interview for a news article earlier this month, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon noted how Georgetown has long been a destination for students of the nation’s top preparatory schools and how[Read More…]

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Early Admissions Rate Remains Stable

Georgetown’s Class of 2018 accepted 14 percent of early applicants this past week, an acceptance number that remains largely unchanged from years past. Of the 6,734 applicants who applied early action, the university accepted 955, slightly more than the 13 percent early acceptance rate for the Class of 2017. “Happily[Read More…]

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Early Applications Stable, Diversity Up

The early action applicant pool for the Class of 2018 is more diverse than in years past, with white applicants dropping from 59 percent in 2011 to 56 percent this year. According to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon (CAS ’64, GRD ’69), this is a significant trend, particularly for[Read More…]

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Early Admissions Rate Declines to Record 13%

With a 13 percent admission rate, Georgetown accepted the lowest-ever number of early action applicants for the Class of 2017, in a year with a record number of students applying early. Of the 6,850 candidates who applied to the early action pool, 880 were accepted, marking a dip of about[Read More…]

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Early Action Done Right

Few experiences leave students as apprehensive, restless and wracked with self-doubt as the college application process, except perhaps the subsequent wait for a letter in the mail. Fortunately, early admission programs give applicants the opportunity to expedite the process. And although applying early may not statistically put prospective students at[Read More…]

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