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Letters from the White House

Letters from the White House

The head of state. The commander-in-chief. The leader of the free world. The president of the United States is referred to by many titles, but none quite encapsulate Americans’ relationship with their elected leader — sometimes tenuous, sometimes deferential, but always intrigued. Unbeknownst to most students, an intimate glimpse at[Read More…]

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The Return of Vinyl

The Return of Vinyl

As subscription streaming services continue to command a growing share of the global music market, the comeback of another medium is putting a new spin on how people listen to music. In Georgetown and the wider D.C. community, audiophiles are returning to the once-abandoned format of vinyl records. LPs were[Read More…]


The Gilded Stage

Every year, film aficionados look forward to winter — not just for snow or the holidays but for their moment in the sun. The movie buff’s Super Bowl and the cinephile’s March Madness, the Academy Awards are the denouement of the film awards season that begins in November with the[Read More…]

Jesus Rodriguez/The Hoya

One Desk, 31 Years

Jasmine White Hoya Staff Writer It was 1984, spring semester. Kevin Cuddeback (CAS ’87) lay underneath the desk in his tiny Darnall Hall bedroom, etching a message — a legacy. “Oh, kindred spirit lying on your back it is not imagination but originality you lack,” he carved into the dark[Read More…]

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DC Statehood

As students from across the country and globe flood the streets of Washington, D.C. in anticipation of a new academic year at one of the District’s numerous colleges and universities, they may be unaware that their West Georgetown neighbors, D.C. Public Schools elementary school tutees in Ward 7 and many[Read More…]

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An Animal’s Hilltop Home

The walk to and from class is often fraught with furry creatures. Jack the Bulldog will make a photo-opportunity appearance, while neighbors frolic with their dogs on the front lawns. But what about the college students walking dogs, forbidden from campus residential spaces? And the myriad, rumored pets kept in[Read More…]

Olivia Duff (COL '16) and Conor Ross (COL '16) in Nomadic Theatre's "Sick" last January.

Performing Against the Odds

Marking its 10th year in November, the Royden B. Davis Performing Arts Center has more to celebrate than an imminent milestone — over the past decade, it has served as the home for the nationally recognized and still-burgeoning department of performing arts. Utilizing its capacity for interdisciplinary study and social[Read More…]

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Video gaming can be more than just a hobby — it can also be a learning tool for experiences not offered in the traditional classroom setting. As stigmas about this culture break down from the inside out, our tech-savvy generation of millenials is learning to create space for a gaming community that extends beyond the virtual screen and overlaps with college and professional life.

Georgetown Gaming

Dark rooms, piled cartons of empty take-out, obsession and isolation. Video-game culture carries connotations far removed from the ultra-social undergraduate environment on the Hilltop. But, is the stereotypical gamer even a recognizable reality anymore? And, is gaming antithetical to the ambitions of a Joe or Jane Hoya? As the recreational[Read More…]

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An unidentified group of Civil War soldiers look across the Potomac River to the simple landscape of Georgetown’s campus.

Built by Slaves and Jesuits

Established in 1789, Georgetown University is an institution 226 years in the making. From its more historic buildings like Healy Hall and Old North to its newer additions like the Rafik B. Hariri Building and Regents Hall, the campus flows with longstanding tradition mixed with modern change. In its post-Revolutionary[Read More…]

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Although its past plays have risked criticism and censorship, Ajoka Theatre remains a popular cultural outlet in its home country, Pakistan.

Humor is Universal

  From a cartoonist’s pencil to a playwright’s pen, satire can be wielded as a potent weapon against malignant forces, such as ignorance or extremism. “Amrika Chalo,” running this weekend as part of the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics’ Myriad Voices festival, aims to tackle both these oppressive elements,[Read More…]

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