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Trump Signals End to Immigration Deal, Alarming ‘Dreamers’

Students without documentation at Georgetown University were met with an unpleasant surprise Easter Sunday morning, after President Donald Trump fired off a flurry of tweets signaling the end to a potential deal to pass a legislative replacement to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, further thrusting the future of[Read More…]

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Q&A: DeGioia Discusses ‘Dreamers’ Advocacy, Free Speech and Gun Violence

Amid Georgetown’s most active year of advocacy in recent memory, The Hoya sat down with University President John J. DeGioia to discuss Georgetown’s role in national issues, free speech and the conversation on gun control. I wanted to start with the 272. It’s been about a year and a half[Read More…]

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2nd Annual UndocuWeek Aims to Garner Support for ‘Dreamers’

A second annual UndocuWeek planned for next month aims to raise awareness and garner support for students without documentation, whose futures remain uncertain after unsuccessful congressional efforts to pass a permanent legislative replacement for the rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. This year’s UndocuWeek, scheduled to run from April[Read More…]

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BOSCO: The Jesuit Case for ‘Dreamers’

BOSCO: The Jesuit Case for ‘Dreamers’

As our country nears a showdown on immigration policy and we at Georgetown University worry about the plight of our own “Dreamers,” the recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program, I find myself turning to scripture more than ever. Our Jesuit and Catholic values shape how we care[Read More…]

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The weeklong GUHereToStay campaign featured a “Dream Wall” in Red Square, where students wrote messages of support to the undocumented community.

GUHereToStay Campaign Rallies Support for Dream Act

GUHereToStay, a weeklong Georgetown University Student Association campaign launched Monday, engaging students and administrators to urge Congress to pass the Dream Act of 2017. The campaign marks GUSA’s latest and most aggressive efforts to push for a law protecting undocumented students from deportation after the Trump administration rescinded the Obama-era[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Expand Advocacy to Protect Dreamers

As a Georgetown alumna and a high school teacher, who over the years has taught many talented, determined students without documentation, I applaud your support of the bipartisan Dream Act. I urge you to go a step further and support the Recognizing America’s Children Act. It is bipartisan legislation in[Read More…]

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All People Deserve the Dream

All People Deserve the Dream

A recent article in The Hoya (“Dreamers Share Stories,” Oct. 25, 2013, A7) about Georgetown students affected by the Dream Act revealed to me how closely immigration reform hits home on the Hilltop. Reformers in Washington have called for an environment that is more welcoming of immigrants, particularly in regards to[Read More…]

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Dreamers Share Stories

Dreamers Share Stories

In an effort to show the human side of the immigration rights debate, the Georgetown University Office of Federal Relations is compiling a short film featuring interviews with three undocumented Georgetown students. “They talked about what they would like to do if they’re able to stay in the United States,”[Read More…]

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