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VIEWPOINT: Recommit to Title IX

On Sept. 7, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced President Donald Trump’s administration will open a public comment period, beginning the process to create new regulations concerning Title IX, a federal law stating that access to education should not be denied on the basis of sex. DeVos has targeted several[Read More…]

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Sixteens students without documentation met with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) Wednesday night.

Georgetown Dreamers Welcomed on Capitol Hill Following DACA Repeal

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin (SFS ’66, LAW ’69) of Illinois hosted 16 students without documentation on Capitol Hill to express his support after this week’s repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The students, some of whom were protected under the Obama-era policy, watched from the Senate floor[Read More…]

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OLSON: In Trump Era, Echoes of Truman

OLSON: In Trump Era, Echoes of Truman

Aug. 8, President Donald Trump declared that if North Korea continued to use its burgeoning nuclear program to threaten the United States, “they [would] be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” Trump’s words, which raise the prospect of nuclear warfare to its highest level in[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: In Havana, Echoes of Home

VIEWPOINT: In Havana, Echoes of Home

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Cuba with three friends. The news that I was traveling to Havana was not well-received at home in Venezuela. Relations between the Venezuelan and Cuban regimes have been cozy since Hugo Chávez took power in 1998. Close economic and military ties have[Read More…]

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OLSON: Through Travel, Bridge International Divisions

OLSON: Through Travel, Bridge International Divisions

I have always loved to travel. My family has taken me on wonderful adventures around the world, and at Georgetown I have attempted to take every opportunity I can to explore new places and broaden my worldview. My travels have allowed me to appreciate the importance of inclusion and multiculturalism.[Read More…]

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Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and columnist Anne Applebaum said the mission of the School of Foreign Service is under attack in her commencement address to the SFS Class of 2017.

Applebaum Defends Globalists, Intellectuals at SFS Commencement

A world where education, internationalism and service are increasingly scorned requires experts to address the issues of the future, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Anne Applebaum told School of Foreign Service graduates at their May 20 commencement ceremony. Applebaum, a Washington Post columnist and frequent critic of President Donald Trump and[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Valuing Philosophy in Foreign Policy

After just over 100 days, the White House faces clear foreign policy challenges. Real estate mogul-turned-President Donald Trump has tried his hand at addressing various international crises, authorizing a retaliatory strike on the Syrian government, ramping up airstrikes against the Islamic State group and dropping the “Mother of All Bombs”[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Our Closing Thoughts

In an eventful year for the university, Washington, D.C., and nation, topics from the protection of free speech to ensuring affordability to the basketball program to the university’s role in the current political landscape predominated campus dialogue. As the editorial board reflects on these issues, one thing is clear: It[Read More…]

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MESA & BENNETT: Wrapping Up ‘Federal Fantasy’

MESA & BENNETT: Wrapping Up ‘Federal Fantasy’

In our very first column — amid new Republican control of all three government branches and rapidly changing power structures in Washington, D.C. — we created a game of “Federal Fantasy,” each picking three senators who we believed would be the most influential in this new political arena. Below, we[Read More…]

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SPENCER COOK/THE HOYA President Donald Trump's trade policies remain uncertain, but may be heavily protectionist, according to panelists at an event Wednesday.

Trump Trade Policies Uncertain, According to Panelists

President Donald Trump is challenging standing trade rules and agreements, but the extent to which he will continue to do so is uncertain, according to the speakers at the International Trade Under Trump event in Healy Hall on April 25. The event, hosted by the Alexander Hamilton Society, featured panelists[Read More…]

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