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Claudia Fritsche, Liechtenstein’s ambassador to the United States, remarked on the changes she has noted in her 40-year career in foreign service.

Diplomat Discusses Career in Foreign Service

Claudia Fritsche, Liechtenstein’s ambassador to the United States, recounted her career in foreign service in an event hosted by the International Relations Club at the Mortara Center on Wednesday evening. Fritsche, Lichtenstein’s first female diplomat and a former ambassador to the United Nations, has worked in foreign service for over[Read More…]

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Megan Schmidt

Boycott Brings Only Silence

Over the course of history, boycotts have been powerful instruments in catalyzing social change. Individuals and institutions have wielded such measures to dramatically express their disagreement with certain policies or practices. But dramatics in the university sphere are not frequently the most productive way to rectify a situation, as the[Read More…]

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SHAH: The Lackluster American Follow-Through on Iraq

SHAH: The Lackluster American Follow-Through on Iraq

The recent coverage of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s rise in Iraq has shocked many Americans — seemingly suddenly, a tragic turn of events has unfolded just as Iraq looked stable. After all, we had left a sovereign state in 2011 with a democratic government under a[Read More…]

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Former Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine became the director of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy on July 1, after a 33-year career with the United States Foreign Service.

Career Diplomat Charts Future for Institute

Ambassador Barbara Bodine joined the School of Foreign Service as the director of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy on July 1. The former ambassador to Yemen left the United States Foreign Service after a 33-year career, which included a stint as administrator of the Baghdad area in 2003.[Read More…]

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Mullikin: Simplifying Diplomacy Yields Little Benefit

Last week, protests in Egypt filled the headlines of mainstream newspapers and provided political pundits with more talking points than they could ever have hoped for. Over and over again, so-called experts and laymen alike asked the question, “What should [insert major political figure/state/international organization] do in Egypt?” In the coming days,[Read More…]

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WikiLeaks: When Transparency Goes Wrong

The website WikiLeaks made headlines again this Sunday when it released a new set of U.S. government classified documents. This new installment of controversial publications from WikiLeaks, following the July and October disclosures, sheds unparalleled light on the behind-the-scenes diplomacy that has increasingly dominated American foreign policy over the past[Read More…]

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Albright’s Pins: Dressing Up Diplomacy

The secret to keeping tabs with Madeleine Albright’s diplomatic career lies in her accessories, said the former U.S. secretary of state and Mortara distinguished professor of diplomacy in the School of Foreign Service in an event held Monday afternoon in Gaston Hall. Introducing her newest book, “Read My Pins: Stories[Read More…]

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