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GUSA Vice-Presidential Candidates Make Pitch to Voters in Debate

Three Georgetown University Student Association vice presidential candidates discussed their plans to make GUSA more inclusive and increase affordability for students at a debate held Wednesday evening. Richard Howell (SFS ’19), Naba Rahman (SFS ’19) and Casey Doherty (COL ’20) discussed policy issues including mental health, affordability and inclusivity at[Read More…]

EDITORIAL: To Right Trump’s Wrongs

Today, the day of the presidential election, we recognize that most voters’ minds are made up, absentee ballots have been cast and ideological trenches dug. People know that Republican nominee Donald Trump has been accused of nearly a dozen sexual assaults, denies climate change and has made comments that are[Read More…]

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Elinor Walker

Legitimizing Dangerous Rhetoric

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s appearance last month on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” left many criticizing the show’s host and his friendly treatment toward his guest. A notable part of the interview included Fallon tousling Trump’s infamous blond hair. At the core of the outrage was the notion[Read More…]

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National Gun Reform, A Student Responsibility

One hundred forty-nine days ago: Nine parishioners were shot dead with a legally purchased 45-caliber handgun in Charleston, N.C. Seventy-nine days ago: Two journalists were shot on live TV with a legally purchased 9mm handgun in Moneta, Va. Forty-three days ago: 10 people were shot with six legally purchased handguns[Read More…]

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Sanders Woos Youth With Social Agenda

The first Democratic debate hosted by CNN Oct. 13 drew an average of 15.3 million viewers, making it the highest-watched Democratic debate in history. From Anderson Cooper’s first question, it was evident that the debate would demonstrate a marked difference in tone and substance from the first two Republican debates.[Read More…]

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Politicians Should Debate the Deficit

I just survived — barely — an interview for a student organization at Georgetown. On the bright side, I didn’t have to channel my innerRick Perry by uttering “oops” after a monumental brain freeze. I never said I saw a UFO as Dennis Kucinich did in the 2007 Democratic presidential[Read More…]

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Grow Through Debate

The recent debate between Associate Professor and author Matthew Kroenig and Associate Professor and published writer Colin Kahl on the Iran nuclear deal is an exemplar for how academic and university discourse ought to be conducted. Campuses, due to the composition of their student bodies, often tend to favor a[Read More…]

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Fiorina’s Fumble

Fiorina’s Fumble

Carly Fiorina was the undisputed star of the “happy hour” Republican debate last Thursday. It gave her a boost, as well as some much-needed name recognition, prompting speculation and conservative hope about her inclusion in the next primetime debate. However, polling has not reflected this bump — at least, not[Read More…]

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The Freedom to Speak

The Freedom to Speak

Freedom lay at the foundation of our country in its first few days. We wished to express ourselves, to eloquently elaborate on our need to decide our own future. Years later, the letter of the law spelled out in the Bill of Rights sanctified this idea — the freedom of[Read More…]

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Forefronting the Gun Control Debate

On Dec. 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, a Connecticut native, broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School with his Bushmaster AR-15. In less than five minutes, Lanza wreaked havoc upon the school before claiming his own life with a bullet. Among the 26 victims, 20 were children and six were adult staff[Read More…]

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