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District of Columbia Public Schools released private information about students experiencing homelessness on the D.C. Council’s website, which is associated with Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large)

Students’ Private Information Published on DC Council Website

Washington, D.C.’s public school authority mistakenly posted the personal information of 2,000 students experiencing homelessness on a website run by the D.C. Council, where the data remained for seven months before its removal Aug. 9. Posted by District of Columbia Public Schools on Feb. 5, 2018, the information included names,[Read More…]

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This statue of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike in Judiciary Square has been the center of D.C. leaders’ criticism. City officials have called on the National Park Service to remove it.

Council Considers Memorials to Minorities, Women

  A bill proposing the construction of monuments to honor native Washingtonian women and people of color in each of Washington, D.C.’s eight wards will move forward to a public hearing on Thursday, Oct. 5, taking the next step toward becoming law. The bill comes after D.C. leaders including Mayor[Read More…]

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The D.C. Council is considering bills that would put the city on track to establish public Wi-Fi and digital literacy services.

D.C. Council Considers Public Wi-Fi and Digital Literacy Bill

The Washington, D.C. Council is considering two bills this week that aim to make public wireless internet available to city residents to promote digital literacy. These bills are intended to close the gap between residents with and without Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Task Force Act of 2017 proposes a task force[Read More…]

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D.C. Council to Vote on Raises for Public School Teachers

The Washington, D.C. Council is expected to vote on a proposed contract to raise D.C. Public Schools teachers’ salaries Oct. 3, following five years without a contract between teachers and the city’s public school system. If approved, the contract between the District’s public school teachers’ union and city officials would[Read More…]

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DC Mayor Launches Homelessness Reform

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced her plan to address Washington, D.C.’s homelessness crisis response system with a set of proposed administrative and legislative policy changes during a meeting with the District’s Interagency Council on Homelessness Sept. 1. “Homelessness can seem so big and so insurmountable, but the fact is we can[Read More…]

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DC Council Faces Growing Winter Homelessness Crisis

Pressed by a potentially severe winter and rapidly decreasing shelter space, the D.C. Council is considering further action to combat the problem of homelessness, already having tweaked the operation of shelters this winter. According to a report from the Washington City Paper, D.C. General, the city’s largest homeless shelter, was[Read More…]

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Marijuana No Longer Criminal

Possession and private use of marijuana will no longer be treated as a criminal offense in D.C. for individuals over 21 under a bill passed by the D.C. Council with a vote of 10 to one Tuesday, pending approval by Mayor Vincent Gray and Congress. The bill will reduce the[Read More…]

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First Marijuana Dispensary to Open

First Marijuana Dispensary to Open

The District’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Capital City Care, is slated to open next month at 1334 North Capitol Street NW, two years after the D.C. Council legalized medical use of the drug. “This will be the first time qualified patients in D.C. have legal access to this medicine. Patients[Read More…]

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Evans Plans Mayoral Bid

Although the District of Columbia’s mayoral race is more than a year away, Councilman Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) has already announced his intention to run for the city’s highest office. Evans, who represents the Georgetown area in city council, has not yet filed any official paperwork but iterated to The[Read More…]

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DC to Vote on Budget Control

Washington, D.C. voters will cast their ballots on a proposed amendment to D.C.’s home rule charter that would give the D.C. Council direct control over the city’s budget April 23. Currently, the District’s yearly budgets must be approved by Congress during the federal budget process, and supporters say that the[Read More…]

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