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Making Space For South Asian Culture

As I scanned the screen, my brows furrowed and my eyes narrowed in anger and frustration, but not in shock. I could easily believe the events of Tuesday, Sept. 8,, 2015, when a United States citizen was viciously attacked in a Chicago suburb. Inderjit Singh Mukker was accused of being[Read More…]

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Hard-Work, Humanity and El Último Hielero

The morning after returning home from my six-week study abroad program in Ecuador, I woke up, walked downstairs and poured myself a glass of water with ice. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I sat down and became aware of the high-pitched clinking of the ice against[Read More…]

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BOBROSKE: It’s Odd Being an American Abroad

BOBROSKE: It’s Odd Being an American Abroad

I have lived in Ecuador and am now in South Africa, and in both places, I’ve experienced a full array of commentaries on my American nationality. First, there are the paranoid people in South America who think I’m in the CIA. During my stay in Ecuador this summer, the country[Read More…]

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Tinder Versus Reality

Tinder Versus Reality

I downloaded Tinder for 24 hours and two things happened. First, thanks to the beauty of iCloud and notifications across iPhones, my mom staged an intervention — “Really, Caitlin? You’re that desperate?” — and rejected all of my explanations — “It’s entertaining!” “It’s funny!” “I’m bored!” Second, I noticed certain[Read More…]

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Manila Mysteries

Manila Mysteries

How do I describe the textures of Manila? Standing at a busy street corner with rumbling jeepneys and pressing crowds around me, I try to pin down the unfamiliar energies of the city. Anyone who has encountered something foreign or new can relate to how I’m feeling. Actually, so could[Read More…]

Step Two: Reading

Step Two: Reading

Throughout the school year, you could read anywhere from 15 to 30 books, depending on your major. But how many of those books do you actually get to enjoy? I remember talking to a friend and reminiscing over some of our favorite books. Though some of the books were from[Read More…]

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Across the Sea

Across the Sea

People ask me where I am from, and while my unhesitant answer is New Jersey, where I have lived with my parents since I was eleven, I know this is an oversimplification. My memories of life before moving to New Jersey are a blur of different schools, different cities and[Read More…]

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Cultural Appropriation Hits the Mainstream

At this point, writing an article about cultural appropriation and race in pop music, specifically within hip-hop, is nothing new. Images of Miley twerking, Taylor Swift attempting to twerk, and Katy Perry and countless other pop icons mainstreaming black aesthetics punctuate our recent cultural consciousness. Arguments about “blackness” in hip-hop[Read More…]

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Casa Sweet Casa

A successful Georgetown experience entails transforming the Hilltop into a “home away from home.” Yet this task has been particularly cumbersome for those who identify as underrepresented minorities. Fortunately, the activism of the Latino Leadership Forum — whose recent sit-in and presentation of a petition to University President John J.[Read More…]

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Revisionism In Action

Over the course of history, human records have been analyzed and reanalyzed, sometimes in order to fit the zeitgeist of the era and sometimes simply because it is a normal part of living on Earth. To quote the ever-relevant Mark Twain, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”  For[Read More…]