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Students of Georgetown, Inc. plans to expand its food and drink offerings and hours at its Grounded location.

Corp to Revamp Grounded Storefront With Breakfast, Late-Night Espresso

Grounded, the newest Students of Georgetown, Inc. storefront in The Hilltoss, is gearing up for a revamp this month, replacing its smoothie and acai bowl station with a new espresso bar and expanded breakfast menu by Jan. 25. The Corp first launched Grounded to meet the demand for coffee in[Read More…]

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Uncommon Grounds Reopens in New Leavey Location

Uncommon Grounds Reopens in New Leavey Location

Students of Georgetown, Inc.’s Uncommon Grounds coffee shop opened Monday on the second floor of the Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Leavey Center, almost a month after the start of the fall semester. The opening was delayed by an inspection by the Department of Health required for all new[Read More…]

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Blue Bottle Coffee Arrives in Georgetown

Georgetown students are now able to get their caffeine fix at Blue Bottle Coffee, a coffee retailer best known for its commitment to freshly brewed drinks. The cafe celebrated its grand opening July 9. James Freeman, a freelance musician, founded Blue Bottle Coffee Company, headquartered in Oakland, Calif., in 2002.[Read More…]

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Wawa To Open in Georgetown in 2018

Wawa To Open in Georgetown in 2018

To the delight of its growing client base, Wawa Inc., a chain of convenience stores and gas stations headquartered in Chester Heights, Pa., recently announced a location in Georgetown slated to open in 2018. Founded in 1964, the chain has more than 750 stores along the East Coast, with locations[Read More…]

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ON TAP: The Drink Guide

ON TAP: The Drink Guide

Washington, D.C., is often portrayed as a city driven by its political agenda and business networks, leaving to the side recognition of the innovative creativity in its music, food and art. However, throughout our explorations within the city, we have seen that foodies have affirmed their craft within Washington, particularly[Read More…]

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ON TAP: The New Emissary In Town

ON TAP: The New Emissary In Town

The third wave of coffee first emerged as a movement that conceives of this drink as a craft from bean to brew. Now that coffeehouses have embraced the third wave coffee movement and it has become all the rage, it may be hard for coffee-lovers to find these sprouting coffeehouses,[Read More…]

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Peet’s Coffee offers a new kind of coffee experience through the addition of an all-new slow bar and a unique interior design complete with images of both current and historical Georgetown.

Peet’s Coffee Opens First Shop in Georgetown

Peet’s Coffee introduced a new take on the coffee shop experience when it added its first retail location in Georgetown, located on the corner of 33rd and M Street, on Dec. 20. From an interior design that exhibits pictures depicting historical moments and current features of the Georgetown area —[Read More…]

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D.C.’s Daily Grind Steams in Coffeehouses

The coffee bean has deep roots in Western political life, and Washington, D.C., is no exception to this tradition. Originating in the modern Middle East, coffee is a fragrant and stimulating drink that proliferated explosively in Europe upon its arrival; by the time the first coffeehouse was opened stateside in[Read More…]

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Students of Georgetown, Inc. will serve a new brand of coffee with entirely new brewing equipment from Compass Coffee starting today.

Corp Rolls Out New Coffee

Beginning today, The Corp will debut their new partnership with Compass Coffee, featured in their coffee storefronts Uncommon Grounds, More Uncommon Grounds and The Midnight MUG, as well as their other services The Hilltoss and Corp Catering. The Corp has closed its three coffee services in a staggered schedule from[Read More…]

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Corp Shuts Locations, Prepares for New Coffee Vendor

The Corp will close its three coffee services, Uncommon Grounds, Midnight Mug and More Uncommon Grounds, in a staggered schedule from Jan. 28 to Feb. 1 to accommodate an institution-wide change in coffee vendor and coffee brewing equipment. Uncommon Grounds will close on Wednesday and Thursday, Midnight Mug will close[Read More…]

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