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SOPHIA NUNN for THE HOYA Anne Burke, a justice on the Supreme Court of Illinois, said that civil authorities should have oversignt to ensure a cultural change occurs in the church in order to curb clerical abuse within the Catholic Church, at a Dahlgren Dialogue on Oct. 24.

Panelists Seek Change in Church Culture

Empowering lay members and changing church culture are necessary for the Catholic Church to address sexual abuse, panelists agreed at a discussion held in the Dahlgren Chapel on Wednesday. The panelists examined the best path forward for the Catholic Church in light of the sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced[Read More…]

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CLARK: God in Two Churches

CLARK: God in Two Churches

Unlike many Catholics, I was not forced into a suit and tie or printed dress and sweater every Sunday morning. I didn’t spend my early elementary years dreaming of my first Communion veil or worrying about confessing I had pulled my sister’s hair again. My mother rarely drove her three[Read More…]

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The Vatican Initiates Deeper Investigation Into Sexual Abuse Allegations Against McCarrick

The Vatican Initiates Deeper Investigation Into Sexual Abuse Allegations Against McCarrick

Pope Francis sanctioned a deeper examination of Vatican archives to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop emeritus of Washington, D.C., on Saturday. The announcement of the investigation was the first response from the Vatican following McCarrick’s resignation in July. The Vatican will investigate the Archives[Read More…]

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Washington-area Catholics are asking Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl, left, to resign after a decade of improperly addressing widespread sexual assault within the Catholic Church. Wuerl holds an honorary degree from Georgetown, which he received in 2014.

District Leaders, Community Condemn Wuerl Inaction

Washington, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine and other prominent Catholics in the city are calling for the Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl to resign due to his handling of past sexual misconduct cases. Formerly the bishop of Pittsburgh, Wuerl has been accused in a grand jury report of covering[Read More…]

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SHEEL PATEL FOR THE HOYA Fr. James Martin, S.J called for shared and celebrated life experiences between people from all walks of life during his talk Wednesday.

Catholic Priest Advocates for LGBT Inclusion in the Church

Open dialogue between the LGBT community and the Catholic Church is necessary to eliminate stigmas associated with LGBT Catholics, author Fr. James Martin, S.J., said Wednesday at a book talk cohosted by the Georgetown University Library and the LGBTQ Resource Center. Martin discussed his latest book, “Building a Bridge: How[Read More…]

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Pro-Life Movement Honors Church

In many ways, Haylie Jacobson’s viewpoint “Pro-Choice Broader than Abortion Issue” (THE HOYA, A3, Feb. 5, 2013) offers a refreshingly honest self-critique of the pro-choice movement. It echoes Time Magazine’s recent assertion that the pro-choice movement has been losing since Roe v. Wade. But Ms. Jacobson’s analysis and discussion of[Read More…]

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Faith in Our Founding

A university is a place of conversation. Last year, discussion about the 2010 Campus Plan dominated much of Georgetown’s dialogue. This year, with campus plan negotiations behind us for now, Georgetown begins a new conversation, one of the most important that can be had: a dialogue on the Catholic and[Read More…]

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Pro-Life: A Fight for Church, Unborn

While the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that has allowed for the abortion of 50 million American children passed two weeks ago, the week was also marked by the 14th annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life. The Cardinal O’Connor Conference, the nation’s largest student-run, pro-life conference and[Read More…]

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‘Exorcist’ Author: GU Abusing Identity

I loved Georgetown from the first day that I set my footlocker down in Healy Circle and asked an upperclassman how to find a room to put it in. I loved the Jesuits, too. In my novel “The Exorcist,” I thanked them for “teaching me to think.” Georgetown gave me[Read More…]

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Church’s ‘Monopoly on Truth’ Alienates LGBT

Claiming that you believe in LGBT individuals’ inherent dignity and, in the same breath, telling them that their consensual love is fundamentally disordered requires a peculiar brand of cognitive dissonance, at best. Hypocrisy, at worst. The Catholic Church describes same-sex attraction as “objectively disordered,” “a strong tendency toward an intrinsic moral evil”[Read More…]

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