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ON TAP: The Drink Guide

ON TAP: The Drink Guide

Washington, D.C., is often portrayed as a city driven by its political agenda and business networks, leaving to the side recognition of the innovative creativity in its music, food and art. However, throughout our explorations within the city, we have seen that foodies have affirmed their craft within Washington, particularly[Read More…]

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Restaurant Review: Boulangerie Christophe

Restaurant Review: Boulangerie Christophe

1422 Wisconsin Ave. Washington DC 20007| Cuisine: French | $$ |★★★★☆ Founded by a father and son from Saint-Tropez, France, Boulangerie Christophe is a charming French bakery and restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue, a short 10-minute walk from the front gates. The first floor is a casual cafe, serving light lunch[Read More…]

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Co Co Sala is a restaurant with something for everyone. Chocolate lovers will appreciate the establishment’s beautiful desserts like the onyx, a plate comprised of mousse, creme brulee, and a rich brownie.

Lavish, Original Dishes Impress

★★★★★ $$$$ While there is no shortage of bakeries advertising their expertise in chocolate products, few restaurants would do the same — after all, patrons walk into a dinner spot expecting, first and foremost, decent savory dishes. However, Co Co. Sala markets itself as a chocolate-themed dining destination, and it[Read More…]

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A Chocaholic’s Paradise Just Across M Street

A Chocaholic’s Paradise Just Across M Street

4/5 stars $$$$ Georgetown’s 33rd Street may be famous for its cupcakes, but it could just as easily be known for it’s fabulous chocolates. J. Chocolatier stands on just the other side of M Street. Look for the blackboard sign on the corner of M and 33rd that leads to the quaint, yellow townhouse covered with[Read More…]

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Cocoa for College Cooking

Scared of trying a new recipe? Not quite sure how to make a cake without a boxed mix? Unsure of what to do when you get halfway through a recipe and realize that you’re missing two key ingredients? All of us have done something similar before, and we might as[Read More…]

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