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MEN’S BASKETBALL | Hoyas Plan Two-Week August Trip to China

This summer the members of the men’s basketball team will add their numbers to the mass of Georgetown students travelling abroad when they spend two weeks in China, participating in “a range of athletic, educational and cultural activities,” according to a university press release. The trip, which will take place[Read More…]

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Commerce Sec. Looks to Boost Cooperation With China

Amid tenuous U.S.-China ties, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke opened a policy conference on the two countries’ commercial relationship on Thursday morning in the Lohrfink Auditorium with a keynote address stressing the need for cooperation. “We’re here to discuss how we can nurture and improve the most heavily scrutinized[Read More…]

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China’s Resurgence Threatens U.S.

NEVER IN RECENT YEARS HAS A simple question inspired so much debate. The economic rise of China and the military buildup that has followed Beijing’s boom in capital resources has driven American scholars and strategists into a frenzy of speculation over what most mainstream analysts see as an inevitable clash[Read More…]

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China Outpaces U.S. in Green Energy

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is eloquent and charming, and his professorial manner resonated well with the many students who heard him speak in Gaston Hall on March 29. His presentation was informative and it highlighted the challenges that developed countries like the United States are facing today in the[Read More…]

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Admissions Numbers Change Slightly

Georgetown congratulated 19 percent of applicants on their acceptance to the Class of 2014 last week, according to statistics released by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. This year’s admit rate was close to last year’s more selective 18.7 percent acceptance rate. The number of applications experienced a small decline over[Read More…]

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Summer Provides An Opportunity To See, Not Just Study

“So, how was your summer?” This is the question faculty and students will be asking one another this week. For faculty and increasingly for students, the answer isn’t expected to be about where you spent your vacation and what you did, but about what you learned and produced. Faculty, especially[Read More…]

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