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With Weibo, Programs Connect With China

As research, recruitment, and faculty and student interest from China continues to grow at Georgetown, administrators are looking to build greater ties with China through Weibo, a Chinese social media site that works much like Twitter. “Georgetown University is the leading university in Washington, D.C., and in the country in[Read More…]

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In Taiwan, a Call to Uphold US Values

Nearly 35 years ago next month, the U.S. Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act, an act that has defined U.S. relationships with the small island country ever since. On this historic anniversary, the United States may be tempted to rejoice in the act’s success in providing the diplomatic flexibility to[Read More…]

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Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

China is a massive country, far beyond what one person can possibly summarize or understand. Any one statement I could try to make about my impression of the country would be vague or incorrect. The best that I can do is describe how it feels to me. China somehow seems[Read More…]

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China Puzzle Looms Beyond U.S. Campaigns

On top of shouting matches on every topic from economic policy to the appropriate way to store canines in moving vehicles, President Obama and Mitt Romney are still squabbling over one issue: Chinese policy. Both candidates have argued that the United States should adopt an aggressive attitude in dealing with[Read More…]

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In China, Obama a U.S. President or Celebrity?

Two Americans, a German and a Dutch girl walk into a bar, order two mojitos, a San Miguel and a cocktail. The only punchline here is the bar itself, a brightly lit expat hangout whose constant loop of “Sweet Caroline” and “Livin’ on a Prayer” make for good sing-alongs. Of[Read More…]

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Daisey Apologizes for Fabrications

Author and actor Mike Daisey apologized Monday for misrepresenting information in his monologueperformance “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,” the content of which was recently found to be fabricated. Despite admitting to falsifying his descriptions of working conditions at Apple factories in China, Daiseyargued in his talk in Lohrfink Auditorium that his mistakes should[Read More…]

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Big Ten, Big 12 Challenge for Top Spot in Conference Rankings

Just as America’s reign as the world’s lone superpower is encountering a challenge from a rising China, the Big East’s dominant position in college basketball is being tested by the Big Ten and the Big 12 this season. But to make a fair assessment of the picture, a ranking of[Read More…]

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Foul Shots: Part of a Game

The Georgetown men’s basketball team’s trip to China gained international attention as video of the unfortunate fight between the Hoyas and the Bayi Rockets went viral around the world. There have since been a plethora of stories written about the incident, many with factual errors and misinterpretations. The purpose of[Read More…]

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Georgetown Deserved Better on China Trip

Georgetown’s goodwill tour of China was meant to be a chance for the university to establish relations with the People’s Republic through its most prized athletic asset: the men’s basketball team. The trip was initially about much more than basketball — the exhibition games were merely a formality as the[Read More…]

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Hoyas Meet With Rockets, Move On to Shanghai

The Georgetown men’s basketball team met with members of the Bayi Rockets Friday morning in a reportedly friendly exchange following a heated brawl that broke out mid-fourth quarter of the teams’ exhibition game in Beijing Thursday evening. Head Coach John Thompson III, senior guard Jason Clark and junior forward Hollis Thompson spoke[Read More…]

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