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Finding the Right Fit

Finding the Right Fit

In the midst of recruiting season for the service, banking and consulting sectors, The Hoya spoke with experts attending events sponsored by the Cawley Career Education Center. These recruiters, associates, analysts, consultants and other professionals were asked for their insights and advice to guide students interested in pursuing careers in[Read More…]

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Q/A: Adam Paegle Talks Campus Recruiting

Adam Paegle (COL ’13) only applied to one college out of high school, and he seems to have made the right call. After spending his undergraduate years at Georgetown University as a career informational specialist at the Cawley Career Education Center, Paegle has returned to the Hilltop as a recruiting[Read More…]

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D.C. Named Third Best for Millennials

Arlington, Va., and Washington, D.C., were named the first and third best cities, respectively, for recent college graduates out of the 100 largest cities in the country, according to personal finance website NerdWallet’s annual list of the best cities for post-bachelor’s degree students released March 28. NerdWallet determined the rankings[Read More…]

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Cawley, Prominent Donor, Dies

Charles Cawley (CAS ’62), whose donations to the university led to the construction of the Davis Performing Arts Center in 2005 and the Cawley Career Education Center in 1994, died at the age of 75 at his home in Camden, Maine, Wednesday morning. The cause of death has yet to[Read More…]

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Despite a large job market, Washington, D.C., ranks low for attractiveness to young workers, although it remains the most popular city for recent Georgetown alumni.

Young Professionals Eschew District

Washington, D.C., is failing to attract a young and educated workforce, according to a recent survey from the Roadmap for the Washington Region’s Economic Future. While D.C. is still the most popular first destination after graduation for Georgetown students, according to the Cawley Career Education Center, the study reports that[Read More…]

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SFS Public Service Initiative To Select Inaugural Cohort

The Walsh Scholars Initiative, a program supervised by the School of Foreign Service Academic Council to promote careers in the public sector, received applications for its first class of participants over the past weeks. Applications for the yearlong program were due yesterday. Institute for the Study of Diplomacy Ambassador Barbara[Read More…]

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Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (GRD ’74) urged School of Foreign Service graduates to buck trends and embrace public service in his May commencement address to the Class of 2014.

SFS Graduates Increasingly Shun Public Service

Despite the longstanding connotation of the School of Foreign Service with the pursuit of careers in public service, recent statistics reveal that only a small percentage of SFS students enter the public sector after graduation. Among SFS graduates in the Class of 2014 who participated in the Cawley Career Education[Read More…]

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Teach for America Applications Fall

Applications for Teach for America, a prominent post-graduate opportunity that places students in disadvantaged school districts, dropped nationally for the second year in a row after criticisms of the agency, though Georgetown University alumni are still well-represented in the organization. Application totals have declined by around 10 percent compared to[Read More…]

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Valuing Your Degree

Many factors contribute to the value of a degree: whether it is a bachelor’s or an associate, the major it signifies, the prestige of the university by which it was awarded and so on. However, the determinant that many have a hard time ignoring is the ease with which their[Read More…]

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New Club Teaches Sports Analysis, Research

Though they do not play on varsity teams, six freshmen are focusing their free time entirely on sports through the Georgetown Sports Analysis, Business and Research Group. According to founder and President Nik Oza (MSB ’16), the club will educate students about sports analysis, which uses statistics to explain and predict different aspects of[Read More…]

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