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O’BRIEN: Embrace a ‘Holy Boldness’

O’BRIEN: Embrace a ‘Holy Boldness’

We crossed over the verdant hills of Nairobi and made our way north in a small propeller plane built in the 1970s. There were 12 of us from Georgetown cramped in the plane, about to embark on a two-week immersion program during which we’d learn about the social justice work of[Read More…]

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Gavin & Honjiyo: No One Brand of Catholic

Gavin & Honjiyo: No One Brand of Catholic

I’m a Catholic. Sounds like a simple enough statement. Yet in today’s America, this phrase invokes a complicated mix of family history, social class, ethnicity, geographic origin and worldview. A Catholic identity is more than simply a religious affiliation because it encompasses a variety of experiences, beliefs and facets of[Read More…]

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FISCHER: Superficial Criteria Overlook Distinctive Feature of GU

As a campus tour guide, I am often confronted with questions such as, “Why did you come to Georgetown? Why should I pick Georgetown? What makes Georgetown different?” from prospective students. But for students who are already on campus, these are questions that don’t get asked often enough. They are[Read More…]

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Catholic Identity, to a Point

On Friday, March 30, The Guide published an article about the evolution of Georgetown’s Catholic identity (“At a Crossroads,” G8 – G9, March 30, 2012). Examining how Georgetown currently portrays its Catholic roots reveals an interesting contradiction: The university is often conflicted on how to enhance its competitive position relative to others while[Read More…]

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At a Crossroads

At a Crossroads

When Fr. William McFadden, S.J., came to Georgetown University in 1963, a crucifix occupied a place of honor at the front of every classroom. Before class began, students were asked to face the cross and say a simple prayer. It was a time before the Second Vatican Council modernized the Catholic Church,[Read More…]

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FISCHER: Progress Comes With a Price

As they pass the statue of John Carroll, tour guides are advised to suggest to prospective students that our Jesuit founder would be proud of where we are today. As our annual celebration of Jesuit Heritage Week came to a close Sunday, I found myself deeply reflecting upon the question:[Read More…]

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Bidding the Hilltop Farewell

To the Editor: It was strange to read the article about my departure from Georgetown for Notre Dame (The Hoya,A1, “Deneen to Leave GU at Semester’s End,” Jan. 24). I recognized some of my words, yet I did not recognize myself in them. I hope I will be allowed a few more[Read More…]

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The State of the University

Faculty at universities nowadays come and go fairly regularly, so it is a rare professorial announcement that shakes a school. Recently, Patrick Deneen, a former columnist for this paper and professor of government, announced his departure from Georgetown for the University of Notre Dame. Seeking a place that more fully[Read More…]

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SWIMMING & DIVING | Seniors Lead Near Sweep

SWIMMING & DIVING | Seniors Lead Near Sweep

The Georgetown swimming and diving team handed Catholic University two losses on Saturday afternoon at McCarthy Pool, as both the men’s and women’s teams trounced their District rivals. Georgetown swept virtually every event in a solid team win. The Hoyas earned first-place finishes in 21 out of 22 contested events.[Read More…]

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How Catholic is the Catholic School Girl?

A year ago I began writing this column, Catholic Schoolgirl, to tell the trials and tribulations of a socially awkward, sexually inactive not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman. But here I am a year older (but hardly wiser), and unfortunately I am all those things still, and yet, how shall I say this — not[Read More…]

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