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‘Exorcist’ Author: GU Abusing Identity

I loved Georgetown from the first day that I set my footlocker down in Healy Circle and asked an upperclassman how to find a room to put it in. I loved the Jesuits, too. In my novel “The Exorcist,” I thanked them for “teaching me to think.” Georgetown gave me[Read More…]

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Church’s ‘Monopoly on Truth’ Alienates LGBT

Claiming that you believe in LGBT individuals’ inherent dignity and, in the same breath, telling them that their consensual love is fundamentally disordered requires a peculiar brand of cognitive dissonance, at best. Hypocrisy, at worst. The Catholic Church describes same-sex attraction as “objectively disordered,” “a strong tendency toward an intrinsic moral evil”[Read More…]

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False Inclusiveness Plagues Debate

In his address at Germany’s Regensburg University in September 2006, Pope Benedict XVI asserted that faith without reason is fanaticism. Although he was not speaking about homosexuality, I think that this point directly applies to that debate. As students at a Jesuit institution, we are called upon to learn through[Read More…]

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Gavin & Honjiyo: No One Brand of Catholic

Gavin & Honjiyo: No One Brand of Catholic

I’m a Catholic. Sounds like a simple enough statement. Yet in today’s America, this phrase invokes a complicated mix of family history, social class, ethnicity, geographic origin and worldview. A Catholic identity is more than simply a religious affiliation because it encompasses a variety of experiences, beliefs and facets of[Read More…]

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Alum Challenges GU’s Catholicism

In the wake of a year’s worth of controversy surrounding Georgetown’s Catholic identity, a prominent alum is challenging the university’s right to be affiliated with the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus. Academy Award winner William Peter Blatty (C ’50), best known as the novelist and screenwriter responsible for[Read More…]

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Addressing the Real Issue

With all the anger, partisanship and misrepresentation that has sprung from the national debate on contraception coverage, students and alumni should be proud that University President John J.DeGioia added a voice of reason to the polarized din. DeGioia’s email to the campus community, which he sent just before spring break, put him[Read More…]

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Calling Rush Limbaugh’s Bluff

By now we are all familiar with the story of Rush Limbaugh and his comments about Sandra Fluke that sparked a national controversy. Like many women, I was outraged by his words and struggled to understand why someone would think it was acceptable to say such things — especially on[Read More…]

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SCHALL: The Difficult, But Necessary Quest for Deeper Truths

In the July 2, 1751 issue of the Rambler, Samuel Johnson remarked, “Very few have abilities requisite for the discovery of abstruse truth; and of those few some want leisure and others, resolution.” When reading this passage, the word “abstruse” struck me. Its Latin origin means “to conceal.” Today, it means “difficult to comprehend[Read More…]

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Panel Reflects on US-Vatican Relations

To celebrate the establishment of official diplomatic relations between the United States and the Vatican, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation sponsored an academic conference Tuesday in Gaston Hall. Georgetown is one of six universities across the nation holding events to celebrate the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration, a year-long tribute marking[Read More…]

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A Higher Calling: Students Seek Jesuit Vocation

Most of their dinner conversations may be ordinary — mulling over the fate of the basketball team, taking stock of their new courses — but once a month this group of male students breaks bread over a weightier topic: the possibility of entering the Jesuit order. The “Barbistes” — named[Read More…]

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