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★★★★☆ In one of 2015’s most critically acclaimed Chilean dramas “The Club,” director Pablo Larrain presents a chilling and psychologically complex tale of a group of ostracized ministers living together in a secluded waterside Chilean town. Opening today at Landmark Theatres E Street Cinema, the drama won the Jury Grand Prix[Read More…]

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Programming, Exhibit Commemorate St. Teresa

Georgetown celebrated the quincentenary of St. Teresa of Avila, a prominent historic figure in the Catholic Church, with an all-day series of panel discussions and performances exploring the modern implications of her legacy in Lohrfink Auditorium on Friday. The free anniversary celebration, which took place the day after the saint’s[Read More…]

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LLOYD: A Dissent In the Face Of Tradition

LLOYD: A Dissent In the Face Of Tradition

The Catholic Church and some of its leaders have been wrong. From the prosecution of Galileo and his findings to the treatment of victims of sexual abuse in recent years, the church has proven itself to be a fallible institution, sometimes disastrously so. This is not meant to belittle or[Read More…]

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Welcoming LGBTQ Students to Ministry

Georgetown takes pride in welcoming students from different backgrounds onto its campus each year. We offer concern for all of our students and promise a small “C” catholic understanding of how to live. As a top-tier Catholic institution, Georgetown captures an inclusive vision for Catholic spirituality. Georgetown has long been[Read More…]

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GWU Foggy on Free Speech

Debates over speech policy at Georgetown typically involve restrictions on student clubs that promote values not aligned with the Catholic Church. But those roles took an unusual twist recently at The George Washington University. Two gay seniors, claiming they felt alienated by a campus priest and his stance on same-sex[Read More…]

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First Jesuit Elevated to Papacy

Nearly an hour after white smoke began billowing out of the Sistine Chapel chimney on Wednesday afternoon, Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., formally introduced himself to the world as Pope Francis. The choice of Francis, who previously served as the archbishop of Buenos Aires, was a surprise to the many faithful observers[Read More…]

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New Pope Faces Fading Church

“Go and repair my Church, which is falling into ruins.” Good advice for a Catholic these days: The Church is in need of some repairs, if not a renovation. It’s been undercut by scandals and unpardonable cover-ups. It’s losing active membership in Europe and the United States. For what it’s[Read More…]

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GAVIN & HONJIYO: New Pope Must Lead Church to Reform

The Catholic Church is currently at one of the more important stages in its leadership cycle: The transition from one pope to another. Just a few weeks ago, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be stepping down from the Papacy and retiring to a monastery to focus more on[Read More…]

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