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Over 1,300 Individuals have signed a Student Authored petition, requesting the university to rescind the degrees of Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick.

Student-Led Petition Gains Traction

1,376 individuals have signed a petition urging Georgetown University to revoke the honorary degrees of Cardinals Donald Wuerl and Theodore McCarrick for their roles in widespread reported sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church. McCarrick has been under fire since June when allegations of sexual misconduct against men and boys surfaced[Read More…]

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CARNES: Picking Up the Pieces

CARNES: Picking Up the Pieces

By this point in the semester, week four, things have mostly calmed down. My students and I have found our rhythm, and we have begun to settle into the work of examining our world’s political systems and learning from one another. But this year, more than others, I feel a[Read More…]

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KIM: What St. Benedict Tells Us About Manual Labor

KIM: What St. Benedict Tells Us About Manual Labor

During the induction ceremony for new graduate students, I sat with fascination and interest as various leaders of Georgetown University shared the school’s history and values. As I listened, I recognized the university’s constructive intersection of history and modernity. The ceremony encouraged me to delve into other traditions related to[Read More…]

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BOSCO: Amid Division, A Search for Sanctuary

BOSCO: Amid Division, A Search for Sanctuary

Seeing the return of Hoyas to campus last week was a great pleasure, as we renew old acquaintances, make new ones and get back into the habits and schedules of college life once again. Hopefully we have come back rested, satisfied with our summer jobs and internships, and accompanied by[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Condemn McCarrick and Wuerl

Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic institution of higher learning in the United States, must wield its reputation within the church for good, especially in the face of horrific abuse inflicted on children. The university must condemn Catholic leaders it has honored who are now implicated in perpetrating and covering up[Read More…]

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METZGER: Follow Pope Francis’ Lead

Five years after his election, Pope Francis continues to energize the Roman Catholic Church by calling for people to experience God’s love and mercy. Catholics, and those who attend Catholic institutions such as Georgetown, need to follow the Pope’s lead by taking an honest look at what this message requires[Read More…]

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★★★★☆ In one of 2015’s most critically acclaimed Chilean dramas “The Club,” director Pablo Larrain presents a chilling and psychologically complex tale of a group of ostracized ministers living together in a secluded waterside Chilean town. Opening today at Landmark Theatres E Street Cinema, the drama won the Jury Grand Prix[Read More…]

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Programming, Exhibit Commemorate St. Teresa

Georgetown celebrated the quincentenary of St. Teresa of Avila, a prominent historic figure in the Catholic Church, with an all-day series of panel discussions and performances exploring the modern implications of her legacy in Lohrfink Auditorium on Friday. The free anniversary celebration, which took place the day after the saint’s[Read More…]

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LLOYD: A Dissent In the Face Of Tradition

LLOYD: A Dissent In the Face Of Tradition

The Catholic Church and some of its leaders have been wrong. From the prosecution of Galileo and his findings to the treatment of victims of sexual abuse in recent years, the church has proven itself to be a fallible institution, sometimes disastrously so. This is not meant to belittle or[Read More…]

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