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Located in back of Darnall Hall, the Counseling Center provides psychological and psychiatric services to all Georgetown students.

Student Health Examined

Seeking information pertaining to eating disorders on campus, The Hoya held separate interviews with Carol Day, the director of Health Education Services and member of the adjunct faculty of Health Studies and Human Science, and Mary Quigley, the staff clinical social worker and eating disorder specialist. In this combined version[Read More…]

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Reflecting on the Ordeal of a Mishandled Ricin Case

At around 10 p.m. on March 17, I was sitting on my bed in Village C East, crying and holding both a bag of ricin and my scared friend, Daniel Milzman. For the next hour, I tried to convince him to stay, to hand the ricin to me and to[Read More…]

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An Undue Silence About Mental Health

An Undue Silence About Mental Health

We all have doubts. We doubt our choices, our abilities and our goals. Rational, healthy feelings of doubt can be used constructively to identify and confront any challenge, but there is also the debilitating, paralyzing doubt that can obliterate initiative upon conception, which is the doubt that dominated my life[Read More…]

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GUSA Promotes Safe Spaces Program

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate unanimously passed a resolution to establish a Safe Spaces Program for peer support against harassment Sunday. According to co-sponsor of the bill GUSA senate Speaker Nate Tisa (SFS ’14), the bill was created to enforce the recommendation made by the GUSA Executive 2012 Report on Safe Transitions. The mission of the[Read More…]

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The Lonely Path

The Lonely Path

Ben Perotin (COL ’14) was depressed for four months before he realized something was wrong. “I had an extremely lowered mood, lack of appetite, hopelessness, suicidal ideation [and was] completely withdrawing socially,” he says, speaking with a sort of clinical precision. He taps his fingers on the desk as he enumerates each[Read More…]

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Study Evaluates Student Depression

Depression may not be widely acknowledge at Georgetown, but it is widely felt, according to a presentation given Friday by Tyler White (COL ’14) on the results of his semester-long research project studying depression in college students. White said the number of Georgetown students suffering from the disorder is on[Read More…]

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Mental Health Neglected in SLR

To the Editor: After reading the recently finalized 73-page Student Life Report and The Hoya’s coverage of it (“Finalized Student Life Report Debuts,” A1, Feb. 28, 2012), I felt both exasperated and disappointed. This seminal document, purported to discuss and, ultimately, promote “the limited upside of student happiness” failed to direct[Read More…]

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Body Wars: The Cost of Perfection

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