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Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service selected new fellows for the fall 2018 semester: Erin Conaton (SFS '92), Ed Goeas, Suzanne Kianpour, Tim Lim, and Josh Pitock

Fall GU Politics Fellows Present Varied Viewpoints

Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service’s class of fellows for the fall semester includes journalists, politicians and political scientists with varied professional experiences and political viewpoints, including Erin Conaton (SFS ’92), the former Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness and Under Secretary of the Air Force. In[Read More…]

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2015 Executive Election Candidates Present Platforms

2015 Executive Election Candidates Present Platforms

The 2015 Georgetown University Student Association election, which began Thursday at midnight in Red Square, features five student pairs, who have publicized their platforms on their respective websites and social media pages. The presidential and vice presidential tickets include Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16), Sara Margolis[Read More…]

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4 Candidates Secret Society Members

4 Candidates Secret Society Members

Four of the eight candidates running for Georgetown University Student Association executive office have confirmed membership in secret societies, compared to two out of the 10 candidates involved in the groups last year. Presidential candidate Ben Weiss (COL ’15) and his running mate Sam Greco (SFS ’15) are both members[Read More…]

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Campaign Trail Is Proving Ground for Student Volunteers

All campaign calls begin roughly the same way. “Hello, may I speak with Mrs. Smith, please? I’m calling on behalf of Jon Huntsman for President.” Follow the script, mark off the paper and repeat five hundred times — that is phone banking in a nutshell, according to Georgetown alumus Colin[Read More…]

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New Party, Same Issues

On Tuesday, millions of Americans – hundreds of Georgetown students among them – cast their ballot in the midterm elections. Showing their dissatisfaction with the state of the country, they voted out the current majority party in a marked show of protest. Yet the work has just begun for the[Read More…]

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