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Clinton Encourages ‘Radical Inclusion’ in Lecture

Former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) emphasized the importance of inclusiveness in constructing a vision for the future during a speech at Gaston Hall Tuesday, continuing his ongoing Georgetown lecture series. The hour-long lecture was the third annual installment of the Clinton Lectures, a series of four lectures by the[Read More…]

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Freedom Hall will be renamed Isaac Hawkins Hall after the first slave who was listed in a record of the sale of the 272 slaves that benefitted Georgetown.

Reviving History With New Academy

As more than 35,000 Civil War soldiers fought at the Battle of Bull Run in July of 1861, the blasts from the cannons could be heard 30 miles away at the Former Jesuit Residence on Georgetown’s campus. When the 69th and 79th regiments of the New York National Guard travelled[Read More…]

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From left: former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68), professors Paul Almeida and Michael O’Leary and former President George W. Bush. The MSB professors will participate in the Presidential Leadership Program.

MSB Faculty Join Presidential Program

Two McDonough School of Business professors will work alongside four presidential centers to make the Presidential Leadership Program a reality. Paul Almeida, professor of strategy and international business, and Michael O’Leary, professor of management, will collaborate with the George W. Bush Presidential Center, the Clinton Foundation, the George Bush Presidential[Read More…]

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MAIN: A Willingly Submissive Party

MAIN: A Willingly Submissive Party

Over the last three decades, the American political climate has been engulfed by the shadow of Ronald Reagan, as the nation’s political decisions and mindset have taken place squarely in the camp of the right. Instead of arguing whether neoliberal economic policies and an erosion of governmental capabilities should be[Read More…]

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The Bill Clinton Effect

The Bill Clinton Effect

Sometimes, it feels like Bill Clinton never left office. His Arkansan accent and folksy charm seem like omnipresent fixtures in the political world. And from campaign stops to charity dinners, the former President is particularly adept at avoiding political irrelevance. This campaign season is no exception. Recently, Clinton has been[Read More…]

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DANIEL SMITH/THE HOYA Clinton used a PowerPoint slideshow to illustrate his discussion of economic policy.

Clinton Covers Policy, Criticizes Media in Gaston

Former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) delivered the second lecture in his Georgetown series Wednesday, focusing on the importance of understanding policy in broader political debates. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unexpectedly attended the event, sitting next to University President John J. DeGioia and her former chief of staff,[Read More…]

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Amid TV and Politics, Called to the Classroom

In just a few days, I will deliver my final lecture of the semester in my “Women in American Politics” class here at Georgetown. Of all the lectures I give annually on campuses across the country, this is one of the most important. The words I share with my students[Read More…]

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HOLLANDER: Negotiation a Smarter Way to Play Politics

HOLLANDER: Negotiation a Smarter Way to Play Politics

In 1997, just one year after the most recent government shutdown, the comedy “Wag the Dog” was released, with a plot centered on a fictional president launching a war against Albania to distract the public from his own sex scandal. Less than a year after “Wag the Dog,” President, Bill[Read More…]

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Clinton Reflects on His Economic Record

Clinton Reflects on His Economic Record

Students packed Gaston Hall Friday afternoon for a chance to see former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) and a collection of his closest advisors discuss the economic legacy of his administration and its relevance today. Sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, the groups of panelists discussed the Clinton’s achievements, including his elimination[Read More…]

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Clinton to Reflect on His Economic Record at GU

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak in Gaston Hall Friday as part of a discussion focusing on the economic record of the Clinton presidency and its relevance in the current fiscal downturn. Sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, the event will also feature former White House Chief of Staff[Read More…]

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